Establish a Settlement - Getting Started

Hearth Adorn is a chapter SurviveStormont has introduced and believes it will help with the immersive roleplay aspect of the server as well as help shape the new found towns, villages and settlements to explore. settlements are created by members FOR members. These settlements, villages and towns will have their own sense of economy, culture, laws, and rulers; and it's up to the member's to decided how their kingdom will be.

In order to begin your journey into the Hearth Adorn chapter, member's need to first follow the few simple steps before founding a settlement.

Choose an area

What does a settlement need? Land, of course! To establish a settlement, you'll need to find an area clear of inhabitants(other players). If there are inhabitants already there you'll need to come in contact with them if the land has not already been claimed and discuss either some borders or, perhaps, could work together to create a larger Town.

Consult your current Kiánard

The key to a succesful new settlement is the support and blessing of your current Kiánard, with this blessing comes assistance, trading partnerships and co-operation between friends and former neighbours. Setting up a settlement without this blessing risks your new home becoming isolated and cut off from the rest of Adaesu. Your Kiánard will set up a meeting with the townsfolk in order to give hearing to your proposed settlement.

(This process MUST be done entirely in character)

Colonise the Area

Once you have arrived in your proposed settlement area, you will need to build an outpost which will become your town hall or hearth so you may begin work on your settlement, at this point you will need to advertise for the various folk you will need to create a successful settlement, this may be builders, hunters & gatherers, swordsmiths, blacksmiths and many more, you may have already planned this in the meeting with your previous Kiánard & townsfolk.

(Warning: there are strict rules on a towns aesthetics. You can find them here)

Elect a Kiánard for your new settlement.

For a settlement to be considered a town or a village, you must first elect/appoint a Kiánard, the Kiánard's role is to lead their people, protect them and also be the Diplomatic voice to represent the townsfolk. A Kiánard may negotiate trade routes, or perhaps arrange the construction of roads between various settlements and peoples.

Have a story

Hearth Adorn is meant to help with the immersive storyline of the server; with that being said, have FUN with your settlements story! Create history, create laws, create your own religion, etc. Settlements should have a uniqueness about them!

Alliance Feature

Settlements must use the in-game alliance feature in order to work, You may have several tribes within one settlement, they will have their town name and tribe name. A Kiánard or appointed town planner must be in charge of this in order to prevent random and unwanted builds popping up.