Within the SurviveStormont server there are guidelines set into place that members are expected to follow. This is to keep the server's morale and atmosphere at a high standard so that the quality of life for all members, both in character and out; will be well. Upon joining the server, you have agreed to follow these guidelines while you stay with us. Herein, we have included several in depth information where you can read our server rules and regulations, Roleplay standards, PvP guidelines, and more...

These rules are subject to change without notice at the Admin's discretion. If a rule is not listed below and you feel that it should be, please contact an Admin. If you feel that an Admin has given you wrong advice or enforces an incorrect rule (we are only human and can happen in a rare instance). Please discuss it with us so we can do right by our actions.

Please note that failure to adhere to our rules will mean a permanent non-liftable ban from our server. We typically work off of a strike warning system rather than an immediate ban, however, Admins can ban at their discretion based on a member's behavior and ability to follow the rules.


  • It is a requirement for all players on the server to be registered on this website > Survive Stormont
  • SurviveStormont is first and foremost a roleplay server. We want our players to build character storyline, create friendships, and work together rather than destroying one another...
  • SurviveStormont is an 18+ only server, the exception is an established player bringing their sibling(s) onto the server (in which they will be responsible for their siblings actions and behavior). If we deem you to be mature and responsible enough then we may also make exceptions.
  • Treat others that way you would want to be treated" as the old saying goes - There should be a mutual respect between all players. We will not tolerate any discrimination of race, gender, sexuality, or religion. If this is seen or reported on any of the server's social media sites, discord, or in game, it will result in a permanent removal.
  • We are not intent on watching every move our members make, but if a known member is stirring up trouble and we are away or do not see it in time, please bring it to an Admin's attention, we will not condone that behavior among our membership, nor permit it to be a reflection of how our server is conducted.
  • Members are expected to demonstrate respect and maturity in all interactions with the general public, primarily with regard to other servers/roleplayers in-game, discord chat channels, and our website.
  • Any conflicts between members are to be resolved in private, and/or, if necessary, with an Admins intervention. Most Admin's maintain an open door policy, and grievances will remain anonymous on the issuer's behalf (if the Admins are approached before any personal attempt at resolution has been made) and/or beyond the parties involved.
  • Our privacy act is simple, don't give out other players personal information. Sharing of this personal / contact information is up to each individual involved and ONLY the people involved. This includes email, telephone numbers, residence, etc. Don't share you friend's information either without consent to do so.
  • Concerns and complaints - If a player has an issue or concern with another member, we ask that you please contact an admin. We have an open door policy and all issues will remain anonymous. Never shall a player or an admin call out another player within any public channel or the site. If there is an issue, it will be addressed with maturity and respect.
  • We run this server on a FOUR Strike system - Three strikes resulting in a temporary ban | Four Strikes resulting in a permanent ban.
  • Shut up Tom


  • We are all here to have fun, tame dinosaurs, build friendships and roleplay. With that being said, be respectful and don't grieve other players. No player should feel like they do not belong on the server.
  • There is to be NO killing of Passive tames! Passive tames are considered to be work / craft dinos (Ovis, Beavers, Doedicurus, etc.) or, of course, dinos who aren't attacking you whilst you attack them unless of course they are. Knocking out passive tames is fine, as long as they aren't killed while doing so.
  • Decay timers for structures will be enabled, however, this is for the use of Admins ONLY. Do not use this as an opportunity to raid or destroy an abandoned home. We use this to determine who and who isn't active on the server. Please report any decaying buildings to an admin as soon as possible.
  • Do not exploit glitches to gain an advantage - Items and/or tames MAY be refunded due to bugs or update errors at the admin's discretion. *Must supply proof of incident when something like this occurs aka a screenshot or video of tribe log or incident.
  • Resource Locations - We ask that you please refrain from building or obstructing heavy resource locations such as; Metal spawns, Beaver Spawns, and Artifact caves. Everyone of the server needs to have access to these resources. Anyone who builds at these locations will be asked to move - Failure to move will result in an Admin destroying the structure. If you aren't sure if the location you wish to build is considered off limits, please contact an admin and we shall determine the answer.
  • At this present time, cave building and flying is disabled. So please beware when entering said caves!
  • When filling out our application, there will be a question referring back to these rules - The answer will be > Stormfury.
  • At this time, there is to be NO bears or any other creatures left within Ice Caves to harvest Ice Worms or anything for that matter. This is considered a resource location and is obstructing the way for travelers. Anyone who leaves their tames inside the cave(s) will receive a warning. If not removed after the warning, they will be killed.
  • Please no over building! This means "owning" several locations across the map (though our Kingdom system helps with this). Your tribe is, of course, entitled to a large amount of land, especially the Kingdom you have claimed. If you or your tribe relocates, you are to dismantle your old structures. Same thing goes for temporary taming pens (spiked walls, dino gates, etc) If you do not plan on using them again, please take them down. If you do wish to use them, please leave a sign stating this.


  • We have never enforced a strict attendance policy, and have no plans to do so. However, although we wholly understand that everyone has other priorities in both their offline and online worlds, we do encourage a certain level of involvement in the server. If you are online but consistently occupied elsewhere, not attending our events, and/or not interacting with fellow members, it sends across the message that you are uninterested in being part of our community and brings into question whether it's a good fit for you.
  • That being said, we would prefer to avoid SurviveStormont becoming a place to dump your character that will ultimately see little to no attention. We are, by no means, asking for you to change to our server permanently or abandon other server commitments, but we do want to ensure the character you bring in will be active.
  • The one attendance policy we enforce is the use of our website. We understand that not everyone wants to log onto the website every day, which is completely fine. However, we do have a DELETION schedule for those accounts who have not been active for 30 days (1 month). All we ask of you is to simply log into the website perhaps once a week to refresh that timer.
  • Leave of absences - If a member is needing to take a leave of absence but does not wish to leave the server or be removed -- Please contact an Admin directly so that we can ensure your place on our server.


This information is mostly just for reference in regards to how the Admins and Staff Members operate.

Admin Actions

  • Admins are authorized to use any means necessary to catch rule breakers as long as it does not affect the community, gameplay, role play or community image negatively.
  • Admins are allowed to punish players for actions not covered within our rules, as long as they consider the action or players behavior to be damaging to the community, gameplay, role play or community image.
  • Staff Members do not hold any sort of authority over members and are considered equal to everyone. Staff Members are those who the Admins can trust when it comes to helping with the server and are tasked with a certain job such as Banker or the Prison.
  • Admins do in fact use admin console commands, however, they are not used to benefit themselves in ANY way, shape, or form.

Admin commands

  • admincheat DestroyWildDinos
  • admincheat showmyadminmanager
  • admincheat giveitemnum "< Insert Item ID >
  • admincheat summon < Insert Dino ID > | Used for Starter Packs, Server Events, and Aberration Dinos
  • admincheat teleporttoplayer < Insert Player ID > | Used when unregistered members who join the server
  • admincheat DestroyMyTarget OR admincheat Givetome Banned Players or Inactive Members
  • admincheat RenamePlayer <"PlayerName"> A player would like to change their name. This is a case to case basis.

Spawned Items

  • Building Materials for Community Areas / Bases such as the Northern Light Trading Docks, NorthHaven, and Rise of Kingdoms.
  • Items spawned in from the Scorched Earth DLC Morellatops Saddle, Thorny Dragon Saddle, Lymantria Saddle, Whips, Boomerang & Desert Cloth Armor.
  • Admins and Staff recieve a "Medium Homestead" personal allowence for all their efforts.
  • Red, Blue, & Green Gems from Aberration DLC which is used as our currency known as Adaesu Sterling.


  • Being a Narrative Roleplay server on the Xbox One can have it's ups and downs, having a microphone is important in regards to communication within the game as we do not have the best text box system. We ask that you please remain in game chat and to stay in character at all times, however, we understand that game chat does not always work the best and being in a party may work better.
  • Voice Chat rules are the same as our GENERAL GUIDELINES along with common sense rules. Don't be a dick, be respectful, no harrassment and do not discriminate anyone for their race, sexuality, gender, religion, etc.
  • There is to be NO music broadcasted over voice chat in game, due to people may be streaming / creating content and copyright issues. Plus, people are trying to Roleplay and won't be able to understand other people whilst there is music blasting in their ears. If you wish to play music, turn off your microphone.


  • Discord Rules are the same as our GENERAL GUIDELINES along with common sense rules. Don't be a dick, be respectful, and do not discriminate anyone for their race, sexuality, gender, religion, etc.
  • All members are expected to be within our Discord Server as this is our main source for communication when it comes to members wanting to talk Out of Character, set up Roleplay, and other means of communication. Plus, this will help members who need to get in contact with an Admin rather than waiting on a reply here on the website.
  • If you are not familiar with Discord, it's an All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that's free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone. It replaces TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, and Skype. This does not replace the website as the website is still a valuable tool for the server, however, this will help with communication between members & admins as well as build a better community!
Download for Windows Download for iOS Download for Android

To join the server - you must be a registered member of SurviveStormont and should not be inviting any non-registered members. Once you have downloaded the app on either your desktop or mobile device you will want to Join a Server and enter the invite code.


  • Our website is the MAIN source for basically EVERYTHING. All of our information is on this website and any important announcements will be documented here. We ask that each member is active at least once a week on the website. Whether it's simply just signing in to check on things or actually take part in forum discussions.
  • As stated in our ACTIVITY POLICY, if you become inactive for a period of time, your account will be flagged for inactivity and be put on the deletion list and your account will be automatically removed from the website. So let's not have that happen! If there is a time that you are in need of a Leave of Absence, contact an Admin so that way we can ensure your account and character's safety!
  • Please note that the server and it's social media outlets at times are 18+. We expect our members to be mature adults. With that being said, some minor foul language as well as inappropriate words may be said, however, derogatory language, discrimination of race, gender, religion or sexual harassment is not tolerated in global chat nor the website and will result in a warning and if it continues - a permanent removal from the server.

Though the server allows the chat to be PG-13, please be mindful of others and their feelings towards certain topics. Keep the conversation tasteful. If a member feels uncomfortable with what is being discussed and they ask you to stop, stop. If the member continues to make you feel uncomfortable, please inform an admin.


  • Admins use a FOUR STRIKE system to punish those who break our rules. These strikes are placed on your profile here on the site and are viewable to all. Three strikes getting you temporarily banned, and four strikes resulting in a permanent removal from the server.
  • Every Tribe is ultimately responsible for the actions of their members. Leaders will be held accountable for any bad action that occurs and may result in every member of said tribe receiving strikes whether or not all members are online. This is to keep bad actions from occurring again and is in the discretion of the Admins.
  • You are entitled to appeal ONE strike at a time after ONE month (30 days) of having said strike. Admins reserve the right to approve or deny your appeal. When making your appeal, the Admins look at your recent behavior within the past 30 days along with particpation and helping out the community.
  • All punishments for breaking rules are open for discussion with Admins. We have a list of standard punishments for each rule break, however the final punishment is chosen based on many different factors and context surrounding the situation. Admins are free to deviate from this list in any way they see necessary.


The following information is focused on Roleplay and your character's actions within the server. Titles tagged with (R) fall under the Roleplay Guidelines.

  • Members are required to select a race and class before they enter the server, you can take a look at the system SurviveStormont has to offer in our Races of Adaesu page.
  • As a member of the server and as a roleplayer, you are expected to stay within the confines of the lore provided. Should an Admin confront you, we ask that you please work with us to either explain the logic behind it all or come up with something that is more lore-abiding. If you require help with understanding the Lore of Adaesu, just ask!
  • This is a roleplay server so be creative! Your character will most likely have some good qualities, but no one is perfect! So a handful of flaws is a good thing! Make your character unique and learn to live with those flaws or try to change them!
  • Never preform an action for another roleplayer (unless discussed beforehand). Do what makes YOU comfortable.
  • Please understand that everything your character does will have an effect and sometimes it carries over into consequences. Whether the action be for the better or for the worst, it will have a reaction.
  • You are required to roleplay your character at all times while in game. No Out of Character events or communication may take priority over your roleplay. You are not allowed to ignore other players attempts to roleplay with you.
  • Out of Character communication can be done only through text chat and only when absolutely necessary. You may not use Out of Character chat to casually chat with other players in game. You may not speak Out of Character using ingame voice. Use the "( insert text)" prefix to indicate Out of Character text communication. Discord is a valuable tool when it comes to Out of character discussions so we recommend you use it.
  • Do not act in a way that indicates no value for your characters life and survival. For example, attempting to kill people when heavily outnumbered, excessively talking back or insulting someone when taken hostage, or knowingly running into an area of active hostile engagement when not involved in the fight.
  • Killing your character to get a different spawn point or respawning while being in the unconscious state is considered a breach of the no value for life rule. The only exceptions are bugs/glitches/sitting in the state for a long time.
  • We employ a zero tolerance policy towards those who engage in abusive or immature role play such as rape, extreme racism, extremism, nazism or otherwise abusive or offensive subjects. Such actions are grounds for permanent removal from this community.


  • Naming your character can be both exciting and stressful - We ask that you please name your character realistically. With SurviveStormont being an RP server, your character name should not include any numbers, symbols, or real world slang.
  • It is expected that you address everyone by their in game character name - Not by their real name or GamerTag.
  • It is expected that your character should look like the race you've chosen to play as - i.e. Dwarf = Short and stout character with more than likely a mighty beard. Don't be that person who chose a Dwarf and the character is tall and skinny, as that'd make you a Human and you may be asked to re-roll the character or change to the proper race you took like.
  • It is recommended that each of our members share their character's story and other information in our Meet the Character section of the forums. This information is completely OoC knowledge & won't be used for roleplay, unless the player states otherwise.


  • Members of the server are welcomed to create their own tribes. The only thing that is required is that your tribe name be realistic and related to the game or server lore (i.e. --Adaesi Surplus, Timmy's Lumber Co., House Whitmore, etc). Please do not bring real world terms into our server. Admins reserve the right to request a tribe name change.
  • Tribe disputes are to be settled between the tribes and the people involved. This is to be done respectfully - If the parties cannot come to an agreement, an admin may step in but we really do not wish to as we believe everyone can come together and be mature adults.
  • Each tribe is ultimately responsible for the actions of their members. Tribe Leaders will be held accountable for any bad action that occurs and depending on the situation, all members of the tribe could be receive punishment based on one(1) person's actions.
  • You and your tribe are responsible for YOUR own belongings. So please be sure to have locks and PIN codes active if need be.
  • At the present time, Tribes are welcome to have up to twelve(12) members. If a tribe wishes to have more members, they will need to create another, allianced tribe and work together.


The "Hearth Adorn" is a new chapter SurviveStormont has introduced and believe it will help with the immersive roleplay aspect of the server as well as help shape the new found lands. settlements are created by members -- FOR members. These claimed lands will have their own sense of culture, laws, and rulers; and it's up to the members to decide how their lands will function.

Each zone or "province" of the map we have created are their own independent settlements. The borders of each province are natural borders, meaning each area is a different biome -- Albion is the Highlands, Arduin is the Redwoods, Illskar is the Swamp, etc. So travelers may not necessarily see a wall or banners scattered throughout the lands they are wandering through, so it's best to be aware of the map and the provinces. For a look at the current Map, it's provinces and settlements >Map of Adaesu

Those whom wish to claim one in the provinces of Adaesu should be claiming an area comparative to how their citizens are spread out (i.e. if your people are only living within a few squares on the map, you should not be claiming an entire biome). Utilize the land you've claimed! Build a town..

Starting Out

  • All members start off as a member of the town NorthHaven, If a player wishes to move into another Town, they would need to contact the leaders through Roleplay.
  • A Settlement orTown would be more adept in the ways of building small structures and working as a community of equals. They may not have rulers, rather the land is lead by several individuals whom call themselves 'guardians' or perhaps a Governor or Mayor. A tribe MUST have at least three(3) members before being considered a settlement/town and at least one(1) established alliance with a Great House. Settlements are allowed one(1) large structure such as a Meeting Hall or Keep.

If a player wishes to found a settlement or join an existing one they must follow the steps below:

  • Choose an area
  • Consult your current Kiánard
  • Colonise the Area
  • Elect a new Kiánard
  • Establish Laws
  • Have A Story

For a more indepth how to for establishing your settlement, please go to getting started > establish a settlement

Please Note - Settlement and Town information is NOT the same as Tribe Information as Settlements and Towns can be made up of alliances while a Tribe is a single group.


Choosing the right profession for your character, if they even have one, can be a fun, yet hard decision. This is their 'trade, their skill, and their hobby. Their profession is what they can offer the world of Adaesu during times of peace when their blade is not needed. SurviveStormont has many members who roleplay a profession and with so many 'traders' or 'craftsmen', people tend to not feel the need to roleplay it out, however, we don't want them to feel that way as there are so many great ideas that one could do that others may not have thought of.

It's greatly encouraged to try and roleplay a 'job' or 'trade' that does not some generic trade such as being someone who crafts all the weapons in game. Whatever profession you bestow upon your character, try not to be a master at it. For example, if you choose your character to be a tailor, try being more specific on what they make and specialize in like a colored cloth armor or hide armor. By not being the master of a profession, you are opening up random roleplay with others while also developing your character's story. If there were four tailors within the server and each of them were masters, then only one of those four would get the roleplay and would just pick their friend. Be unique!

Think about what the world of Adaesu and the people could use, and what could open up more roleplay. What about an animal tamer? There are lots of creatures out in the wild that are harder than others to tame and some people may not want to deal with that headache. So why not you be the one to do it for them?! What about rug weaving for home decor? Or hair cutting? What about someone who likes to do home repairs, a handyman of sorts? If you base a character around your profession, you can get fun and immersive roleplay with people coming specifically to you in order to seek out what it is they need.

  • If you wish to open a shop, you'll need to follow our Getting Started - Trading guide & contact the Trademaster - AnArchy Dv8
  • For a list of current shops, see our Shops list.


Within Ark, whether you are careful or not, you will die to either natural causes, a battle, or simply getting knocked over a cliff by a Bronto. Dying is inevitable and it's something we have to deal with. However, when it comes to Roleplay purposes, it can be a little difficult on how you and the people around you should react to your character dying. Players will have a choice on what happens to their character, no one else can decide for them. If a player decides that their character goes unconscious, then that is what happened. If a player decides to kill their character off and start fresh, then that is what happened. No one else has a say in that decision.

  • Public Events such as Gladiator Battles, Jousting, etc. does NOT fall under these circumstances, unless the player wishes. If a player wishes to kill off their character during a public event, you MUST notify an admin and the person who is hosting the event.

Unconsciousness - If a player is roleplaying with their friends or merely with strangers and the player happens to die (red "death" text appears), the player can roleplay it as their character has fallen unconscious and may regain consciousness once they return to their body and gather their belongings. The player will need to inform the people they are roleplaying with that that is what has happened via Out of Character chat.

  • During a state of unconsciousness, the player has no idea what is happening to his friends or anyone that is around him, unless told otherwise through means of Roleplay. There should be no communication happening in character whether it's through voice, text, or discord roleplay channels.
  • During a state of unconsciousness, the body shall NOT be stolen from unless, of course, the player is being robbed by a Bandit.
  • If a player decides to kill off their character without anyone around, they will need to inform an Admin & write up an RP reason for the death of the character.

Permadeath & New Life - If a player is roleplaying with their friends or merely with strangers and the player happens to die (red "death" text appears), the player may choose to roleplay this death as a REAL one, causing a permanent death to the character and forcing a FRESH restart of the character. The player may NOT return to their body and gather their belongings. The player will need to remake a new character and will start from the beginning. The player will need to inform the people they are roleplaying with that that is what has happened via Out of Character chat.

  • Players can NEVER cause a 'permadeath' to another player unless agreed upon by the person who will be killed.
  • If you decide to kill off your character, you will need to inform an admin of this decision.
  • If you decide to kill off your character, you will forget and leave everything behind. There will be no retrieving of your items, base, or tames back. You are starting FRESH.
  • If a player dies and no one else is around, this rule does not need to apply. Just run back to your body and gather your belongings.


The Free Folk is the self-given name for the people who live in the lands outside of town or settlement, yet still on the continent of Adaesu. A major difference between the Free Folk and the feudal society of the Adaesu Settlements is that the Free Folk do not recognize a class of hereditary nobility in their society. They take great pride in their "free" status, and only follow leaders who they choose to lead them. Normally the Free Folk are divided into many different smaller tribes and are either friends or rivals to other Free Folk tribes. The Free Folk are descended from those who never wanted to fall under the laws of the Kingdom during the First Age and consist of a wide variety of many races, some reasonably refined, others savage and hostile.

  • The Free Folk are considered those players who are either a "lone wolf", a tribe smaller than three (3) members, and those who live outside the borders of established Settlements. There will be designated areas for the Free Folk to safely live and build scattered throughout the map of Adaesu.
  • The Free Folk is NOT a race, rather a category for newer members and those members who either don't want to join a Settlement or are in search of one. Members may choose to go from being a Free Folk to a member of a Settlement and back again if they wish.
  • The Free Folk primarily settle within the snowy mountains of Mortduin, the desert of the Badlands, and along the beach of Estallon & Wyvern Bay. If Free Folk are found anywhere outside these areas, they are at risk of their home being demolished and becoming someone's prisoner.
  • Free Folk are not allowed to claim an area of land as they will only be able to build in the areas where they are allowed. If Free Folk meet the requirments to set up a Town, they may follow the Town and Settlement Guidelines presented above.
  • If a member of the Free Folk wanders through the lands of a Settlements, they should STILL be adhering to the laws enforced and respect the Settlement land they travel across.


Players communicate to each other in multiple ways, whether it's through Discord, our website, party chat or through in game chat. However, let us talk about how we, as the people of Adaesu would communicate to one another if we weren't directly in front of the person we wish to speak with. The APS Mailbox in game is currently broken (no surprise there) so we have to make due with what the game allows us to do when it comes to sending "mail" to our neighbors or even strangers. We'd request folks put out a small Storage Box in front of their house and should clearly mark it for your mail. No one should be stealing notes or mail from others. Notes must be left where they are unless the owner or receiver of said note removes it. You may READ, because we know people are nosey, but NOT duplicate the contents of a note. Please be respectful of this and other's property.

If players are roleplaying through Discord that they have sent a letter to someone, the best way to do this is through the means of a shoulder pet. For example: Vulture, Dimorphodon, Featherlight, Hesperornis and an Ichthyornis. All "bird" like pets. Obviously this is not a mechanic in game, however, this is to help with the immersion of how one would send a letter through Discord to someone.

When it comes to the inventory system we have in Ark, (you know the thing that is imbedded into our arm?) it's sort of tricky to roleplay it out that there is in fact something in our character's arm and projects this sort of...Inventory thing when we don't even acknowledge the Obelisks and play on a Primitive Plus server. Well we've decided to implement our own server "canon" to make sure everyone is on the same page. Players will be asked to roleplay the inventory as a sort of backpack or satchell to help with the overall immersion. So when you are trading something, you should be informing the person, "Allow me to check me bag for those items," rather than, "Allow me to check my arm." Doesn't sound very good to us.


Within SurviveStormont we use a currency system to help with the overall immersion and prompt players to trade with one another rather than just craft everything on their own. Like most roleplay servers, we spawn in a currency that cannot be obtained in game. Most servers use Bush Berry Seeds as theirs, however, SurviveStormont has decided to go a different route and use the red, blue, and green gems from the Aberration DLC. We call our currency - Adaesu Sterling and is shown as the symbol - ₱.

  • The Green Gem represents the value of ₱1
  • The Blue Gem represents the value of ₱10
  • The Red Gem represents the value of ₱50

Trident Bank is Adaesu's main counting house located within NovaStorm City and is ran by. Trident Bank is there for the citizen's personal needs whether it be the transfer of sterling into personal bank accounts or taking out a loan to make big purchases. Kingdoms & Settlements may also house their funds here for a low monthly fee.

  • Trident Bank supplies starter packs for new members which includes two-hundred (₱200) sterling and an Equus at level six(6).


Metagaming is a broad term generally used to define any strategy, communication, information or action in a game which goes beyond the game mechanics or the knowledge of your character. Most commonly it is used when a character receives information that they otherwise would not be able to receive in any reasonable way in game.

  • You do not know ANY information that you have learned OUT OF CHARACTER, this means website or discord information. Unless, of course, you are roleplaying within our appropriate Discord channels.
  • Tribe Log, red "death" text, or any other information that the server gives you may NOT be used as a roleplay source when it comes to deaths, unconsciousness, or during a robbery.
  • On a case to case basis, a player MAY use the information from the tribe log in Roleplay if they create an In character way they found this information out and is discussed between the parties involved.
  • The use of the Spyglass to see someone's Nameplate or the use of Alliance Nameplates to gather information about that character is not allowed. Unless the person tells you who they are at that time or you are familiar with the person, your character would have no clue who the stranger is.

Powergaming refers to forcing an action, condition or belief upon another players character beyond what the game mechanics allow. For example, hurting them in a way that would prevent that person from using the character in the future.

  • You are not allowed to use powergaming against other players, unless the action is specifically allowed by the other player.
  • You may not force any permanent status on other characters without explicit permission - For example: In Out of Character ( do I have permission to scar your character?). This includes forcing them to eat human meat, scarring them, removing body parts or otherwise permanently harming them.
  • Permanent killing a character (aka "permadeath") is a decision that is taken only by the character owner. Permadeath is final, once a character is declared as killed by the owner it may not be used ever again.


  • It's a generally accepted rule of thumb on Ark that tribes & kingdoms who display a white flag do not wish to partake in PVP. Please respect this.
  • There is to be no excessive damage to community capitals and trading posts. Excessive meaning wiping out the entire building or destroying 50% of the structure.
  • All Tribes & Kingdoms have a right to defend themselves and retaliate against an attack, whichever way they see fit. Having allies has it's advantages as well. Tribes and Kingdoms have right to defend the territory they have claimed.
  • Please keep in mind that this is a Roleplay server and that if you wish to PvP there should be a reason behind your actions. You shouldn't just be killing people as you see them wandering the woods. People should be taking death seriously and not thinking it's just a game.


  • War is to be considered the LAST and FINAL option when it comes to conflicts between Kingdoms and all other roleplay avenues for peace or compromise has been exhausted.
  • If you wish to engage in WAR, ONLY the Kingdom Leader will need to create a Declaration of War so that both parties may prepare themselves for the battle ahead. Declarations will need to be submitted before further action takes place. If a declaration is made by someone other than the Kingdom leader, it will not be taken seriously.
  • Things that must be included in a Declaration:
  • Reasons for the War being declared > This MUST be within the confines of server lore and roleplay. We do not want reasons like "They killed my tame" or "They destroyed my thatch foundation". Admins will deny your declaration.
  • What has been done to solve the dispute prior to the declaration > Attempts to solve the conflict MUST be done through roleplay and NOT through Out of Character chat in Discord or in game. There is a "Round Table" channel in Discord for these sort of attempts if in-game does not work properly.
  • Once a Declaration of War has been submitted and Admin reviewed, the Kindgom whom declared war MUST travel and announce the declaration in game & through Roleplay to the defending Kingdom. Once these has been completed, the admins will add the war as an event.
  • Both Kingdoms involved will be allowed no longer than ONE week to prepare for war and shall NOT engage the one another unless through little "conflicts" and character banter through the means of Roleplay. No buildings shall be damaged or players killed during this time of preparation. If both parties wish to engage in war within a short time period than one week, they may do so. As long as it is agreed upon.
  • During the first twenty-four (24) hours of a declared war, Kingdoms should be encouraging their non-combatant players to leave the war zone. At this time, player should be moving precious items, animals, and pets to a secure location that shall be deemed a "safe zone" within both Kingdoms.
  • To be continued....


Breaking into someone's home is an offense enough in the world of Adaesu, however, there are some guidelines when it comes to doing this in the correct way without facing out of character repercustions ...

  • You MUST have a valid Roleplay reason behind breaking into someone's home. I.E. You have chosen the class of Bandit or you believe that your neighbor has stolen something from you.
  • Those breaking & entering should NOT be destroying anything besides a door. You should only be making ONE entrance and ONE exit through the exact same way at which you entered. Walls are the ONLY exception if there is no door.
  • When breaking into a home or stealing from anything (even if unlocked) you are required to leave a Note. This note should be somewhat detailed and point RP directly BACK to your character, cannot mislead people. This is to create RP rather than just aimless raiding happening.


Combat logging is leaving the server during a hostile situation or when your character is still involved in active role play.

  • You may not leave the game if another player wishes to roleplay with you, unless they give you the "okay" to do so through Out of Character chat. The reason for this is you do not want to ruin the other person's roleplay experience as they were planning on meeting with your character.
  • You may not leave the game during an act of War or combat Roleplay, unless you have informed the other parties involved that you must log out and will set up a time to continue.


Survive Stormont is above all else a Roleplay server, as part of this we encourage our community members to keep this aesthetic in mind when building their homes and allotments. As such we would like our community to think “How would this be built if I were to live here” when planning their designs, and not “How would this be built to prevent that alpha tribe with 8 gigas and a wyvern from razing it to the ground”.

Examples of what is not allowed:

  • “Boxes” - Building a big square brick/stone building enclosing your property and tames is a tactic often seen on PVP servers, these structures are not permitted on Survive Stormont

  • Turrets - Placing turrets such as Dilos and Plant X, thankfully this will mostly be prevented by the settings but again these are classic tactics for PvP and are not permitted.

  • Examples of what is not allowed:

  • Overbuilding, If a tribe overbuilds and leaves uninhabited builds dotted about the map, these waste server resources, admins will destroy tribe structures of those breaking this rule without caution, please take care of the server you are part of. Admins do not have the time to go through every single structure (we have lives too) we use destroytribestructures command on excessively left over builds

  • Blocking structures, build areas, and spawns - Placing structures such as fences, pillars, and foundations in areas to limit tame spawns, resources, and places for people to build is against the server rules and will be demolished on site as well as warnings given

  • As a Roleplay server, PvP will be minimal and small scale, as such there is no need for the classic Ark Official Boxes and they will be torn down without discussion if we see these on the server.

    We understand the need to defend your home from potential unwanted visitors, here’s looking at you troodons, so we have some suggestions below.

  • Big stone walls - these offer minimal lag, an ok amount of defense, and prevent most dinosaurs getting over them, and better yet, no snap points.

  • Wooden spike walls - without over doing these, they are a massive help at keeping unwanted dinosaurs at bay, those be careful as they can cause retaliation from other animals and villagers if placed poorly.

  • Dodos - Dodos are a great deterrent, they work as food for carnivores and the annoying gobble noise will deter most villagers from sticking around for too long as well.

  • Boats and Ships

  • Boats and Ships are permitted to be built from the following materials, Wood, Lumber and Thatch. Materials such as Stone, Brick, Adobe and Steel are not permitted, Any found with these will be destroyed without warning, Strikes will be issued for repeat offenders.

  • As this is a roleplay server, Boats are also required to aesthetically look the part, that means to say, They must look like they are functional boats, see the example above. Floating boxes, can be sunk without warning.
  • Creatures

    In Survive Stormont players obtain creatures differently from every other ark server, we have an in depth research system that allows our players to research the creatures in order to gain enough knowledge to tame them

  • You can check the amount of research needed for any given creature by going to tools > Research Calculator, this interactive tool will calculate the amount of point and research needed in order to unlock a tame
  • Some creaures are untamable, Wyverns and Gigas being the two currently disallowed for research and taming, players are NOT permitted to collect wyvern eggs unless approved by admins for IC reasons, strikes will be issued to players who do not follow this.
  • Creature Aesthetics

  • In Survive Stormont, we do not allow "unrealistic" Aesthetics of creatures, Tek skins are outright banned, and Colours must appear Natural, we also disable any official events (such as easter events) due to the effects on creature colours this has. The only exception to this is random mutations, Players should not be breeding these mutations. Animals found that are ridiculous and unrealistic colour schemes, may be recoloured or destroyed without warning.
  • NoticeNotices