Survive Stormont Races

Within SurviveStormont, our members will have a choice between several races. These races were created to help with the overall immesive story within the lands of Adaesu. Upon registering to the SurviveStormont server, each member will be required to choose their race before joining. Once a race has been selected, members should be thinking about their character's backstory and professions!


"There is a boldness about you,” the Sylvan Queen said.

“If my people are a candle, glowing softly for many moons, your race would be a torch: inconstant, reckless, needlessly bright and quick to burn out.”

She regarded him gently with ageless blue eyes.

“Yet a torch should not be underestimated. A torch can burn hotter, with insistence and ferocity. A torch can be quite handy when wandering in dark places.”

Defenders of the People

The most prolific of races, Humans can be found across all the known lands and beyond, with cultures ranging from savage nomadic tribes to civilized societies led by philosophers and scholars. A short-lived but highly reproductive people, the Race of Man glories in the quest to achieve greatness.


"Watch where ye stand. This forge was not made for your kind. T'would be a shame for ye ta come all this way only ta burn yerself up. Funny, aye… but a shame."

Resilient Explorers

One of the eldest of the races of Ragnarok, these Dwarves are known to be Stoneborn and are technically not mortal beings of flesh and bone. Legend states they are enchanted creatures shaped of raw earth...Dwellers of the mountain, these beings are variously associated with wisdom, smithing, mining, and crafting. They are loud, they are rambunctious and are always looking for a bar brawl.

Sylvan Kin

You’ve wandered far from home, child. You cannot survive here. I can see the fear in your eyes and the tremble in your speech.
Do not be afraid, we are the least of your worries here in the Towering Wilds. It's the creatures down below you most worry about...It's been so long since we've had visitors here...It can be so lonely at times. Care to dance with me, little wolf?

Venerable Guardians

According to the bards, there was a time when the Sylvans were the only race that inhabited the lands of Adaesu. The ancient and reclusive Sylvan have played a pivotal role in shaping most of Adaesu’s fate. The Sylvan of today still remember the Celestial Era when the Towering Wilds were forged before their very eyes by the Earth Mother, Theron. These aristocratic people are skilled hunters, gathers and wise beyond any other inhabitants of the land.

The Feral

Savage Conquerors

By legend, the Feral are primitive barbaric beings that were once slaves of the Humans many centuries ago until they broke free of their bounds and have lived in and around the outer fringes of civilized society ever since. Usually the Feral led by an appointed Chieftain. These brutish wild-men appear to lack any social structure and have no honor or concern for other inhabitants of Adaesu. Proceed with caution as outsiders are known to be greeted by a hail of arrows and savagery.


"Tellier pulled a knife from his belt and roughly took a handful of the boy’s hair. With a few ragged hacks, like sawing at a hemp rope, he cut the locks free -- revealing a misshapen ear that was scarred down the length of its back."

“Half-breed!” he exclaimed, practically spitting the word out in disgust. “Mongrel of the forest!”

"As a rule, Tellier didn’t hunt the forest folk. They were wicked, vindictive, and too clever for their own good."

"The boy made a sound, a guttural noise something like laughter, and Tellier’s world went dark. It lasted but a moment, a terrifying moment in which he whispered a prayer to the gods. When his sight returned, Tellier was alone in the woods, gripping a handful of hair and a pair of empty manacles."

Enduring Outcasts

The people known collectively as Halflings are not exactly a race; they are a loose-knit collection of outcasts bound together by their mixed blood and their exclusion from ‘pure-blood’ society. Many Halflings find themselves becoming slaves, unfortunately. They have a timid nature and are easy prey due to their timid and often reclusive nature. Quite often, these beings will band together into ‘clans’, which act as a combination of adopted family and mercenary company.


"I am Bron, son of Bjarn. "

"Fourteen scars mark my back, one for each man that I killed with my bare hands..."

"The Fates do not let us stay in one place too long – like the masters, they have learned that they cannot control us. We are not born of the gods. Our will is too strong and our blood is too thick. "

"We are the Breakers of Time. We do not build houses of stone. We do not eat grass. We do not kneel and grovel in the dirt. We sleep beneath the open stars. We ride the great beasts of the plains. We sail on Maeve’s green oceans. "

"We are the Nomadic Folk, and we cannot be tamed."