Hey Guys,

If you were not aware, there has been more clarification on the game "Atlas" by Studio wildcard spinoff "Grapeshot Games"

whilst initially it seemed there were no options for unofficial custom servers

this has just been debunked by Nitrado and then Grapeshot themselves, below is taken from the official description

 "Powerful Mod and Server Functionalities – Want to build a World War II Spitfire? Or a Flying Fortress bomber with fully walkable interior and gun stations that carries troops loaded with machine guns and rocket launchers? How about a tank? An aircraft carrier to play out the Battle of Midway on an expansive scale? How about an Arcadian Steampunk airship floating through a cloud-world? These examples, and much more, are provided with the ATLAS Dev Kit, where you can effectively make whatever large-scale MMO action game you want to see happen, all supported by the database-driven network technology that powers ATLAS. Unofficial ATLAS' can be of any size and configuration, while a visual map tool lets server hosts lay out their own complete custom world of islands, continents, terrain features, spawns, resources, hazards, underwater zones, dynamic weather, biome configurations, and ecologies. There is an infinite number of other configurable features, all dynamically streamed to the client during gameplay. The possibilities are endless."

Whilst that may seem a little excessive, it's pretty exciting for me.

It's been confirmed to be coming to xbox one, whilst the features definetely won't be anywhere near as many as on pc, confirmation of unofficial support is great.

Hopefully this community can take full advantage of this, and if the game is good enough, there's no doubt Survive Stormont will move there and host it's own server within the Stormont timeline, likely alot further into the future.

not familiar with Atlas, see below

In other news, The new Ark server is very nearly ready for launch, looking at early next week start date :)


Hello everyone

If you're familiar with me, and how i do things..You'll know i am very particular when it comes to maps, i refuse to use standard ark maps, i need more "fluff"

above is the new map for our next adventure, I've gone a little different direction with this one, I've opted for more colour and less "Burnt paper" aesthetics, chances are i will create a burnt paper version too, trusty burnt paper eh.....

A short narrative overview will be released soon, this will be the basis for our next adventure. I will also be giving guidance out for those who are new and wish to come from "somewhere other land" as i am in the process of creating the entire Adaesu world map, so anyone wishing to come from another land will need to choose from the lands i provide within the upcoming world map.

Below are the pronunciations of the provinces, islands, mountains and various other places, I have purposely not named everything.

Therinsdore is Dwarven in it's origin, as usual with Survive Stormont naming, I have gone with the Gaelic languages such as Welsh, Scottish, Irish and Ancient Brittonic (Very old English)

Below are the pronunciations

- "Adaesu" - [A-day-sue]

- "Therinsdore" - [Fair-ins-door]

- "Fionn" - [Fee-on]

- "Nevia" - [Nev-ia]

- "Loch Lynn" - [Lock-Linn]

- "Dunduin" - [Done-do-inn]

- "Eilean Durin" - [Ay-lan-door-in]

- "Thairin" - [Fair-inn]

- "Strenraer" - [Stren-Rar]

- "Aerwyn Forest" - [Eh-are-win]

- "Great Rhianwen" - [Ree-en-wen]

- "Hearth" - [Har-th]

- "Faern" - [Ferrin]

- "Eothaine" - [Ee-oh-thane]

- "Rí Brenin" - [Rye-Bren-inn]

- "Eilean Aeron" - [Ay-lan-air-on]

What comes next?

- I will be releasing a narrative overview, enough for us to get started playing the game and of course, roleplaying

- I will be releasing a revised "Andorran" language, heavily based on Kara (Sylvan) and Common

- We will start playing!

Apologies for the delays, we have been experiencing more technical difficultys with wildcards broken arse game.


Hey guys! Episode Seven of The Age of Heroes is finally ready!

You can find it here !

If any of you missed the previous episodes, or would like to refresh your memories,

you can find them right here <3

Hey Guys!

I'm pretty excited to share some really awesome news with you!

as you are aware i have put a team of staff in my place for the majority of the day to day running of Stormont. This is because i have been working hard on Ember, my gaming social media project/baby/thing!

I announced the existence of Ember back in March on Stormont, you can find the original announcement here

Since then, we have built the infrastructure and created the beginning of my vision for what Ember will be, a gaming social network for everyone.

Ember is a Social Media Network designed specifically for Gamers. Ember integrates several Gaming related services to bring one amazing unified profile for Gamers everywhere, regardless of what Platform they play on. Embers main focus is communities, we want Gaming Communities to take advantage of the services Ember will offer.
Whether you’re a Streamer who needs a place to engage your audience, a Community host who wants somewhere immersive to create their vision, a dedicated Gamer who wants somewhere to engage with others, or a Cosplayer who wants to showcase their art. Integrate, with Ember.
We are currently in early Alpha development. This Alpha is open for anyone to join, the more people we have testing our service, the better.
Today we released our first working version of Alpha - 1.1 Bedrock, this is the basis of what i will build everything to come on, and I can't wait to show you all as development goes along.
here is our wonderful helper Hoolegr
why not sign up and give him a follow ;)
Whilst you're at it, give me one too! 

Hey Guys,

So the vote is over, with option 3 being the winner. Whilst some of you may be relieved the option you chose won, just remember. The whole situation is pretty shite, and everybody loses in this scenario.

So what happens now?

I'd like to get a few points out of the way before we move forward, and hopefully answer any questions you might have.

What will happen to the narrative?

I am creating a way in which players will not lose out on any of the planned Andorra narrative, I didn't plan it for months for it just to no longer be relevant. I want players to enjoy the roleplay it brings, I am moving a few things around to make this happen. details to come.

What happens to our characters and tames?

I originally planned to allow players to upload and transfer their characters and a set amount of tames (that they would realistically be able to take upon a ship) I purchased another server to test this, and unfortunately all the test resulted in characters and tames vanishing into the abyss, it is not currently possible to do this, However:

IC Characters will need to survive the transition.

I will allow anyone who wishes to, to go onto the Andorra server, upload what they wish to keep for a potential day in the future they could gain these back, this would be limited to their IC characters survival and if wildcard ever fix this bug (not feeling too confident about that one) Whilst you are free to upload as many as you wish, redownloading (if ever fixed) will be limited to what is realistically possible IC.

Will you be releasing a narrative backstory of what happened?

Yes, I will release a narrative overview laying out the experiences your characters went through before arriving at their new destination

Will there be a new custom map?

I will release the new map soon, within the next week

How long until we can play?

I don't have a definitive answer yet, it shouldn't be too long. I am setting up the new server in order to create the best player experience, I am also taking the oppertunity to put a few things that could have been done better before right.

Cheers Guys, more info to come soon!

Otto Ironblood x Expect a new character application

Hey guys

It's been a really shitty time for our community, and I've had to have a long hard think about the future, the current Third Age save file is a mess, Wildcard really fucked us there, Regardless of my own opinions, I don't feel like it would be fair to make an executive decision on this, I want the community as a whole to make this decision. so we will vote.

I understand there is going to be no way to keep 100% of you happy, but i hope you all understand that this was completely caused by wildcard, and there's nothing we could have done to prevent it, i hope you will stay with us regardless of the outcome.

In order to vote you need to have been an active member of the community before the 13th of November, this vote can only be cast by those affected as it is they who will lose the most.

Below are the choices we have.

1.) Don't wipe - stay with the third age, build it up again with all settlements, and continue

2.) Wipe #1 - Wipe the server and start over the third age, fresh from the beginning with everyone going to north haven to start a new

3.) Wipe #2 - Wipe the server and move islands and finish the 3rd age narrative as a write in and pick up from 3.5 where everyone fled andorra (this would mean leaving ragnarok)

Vote Format

In order to vote you must do so in the following format:

Name - Settlement Name - Option 1/2/3

For example: Keelan - North Haven - Option 3


Voting will close 10pm (GMT) 3/12/2018


After further testing throughout the night, I have found that the due to the new bugs in the code, The server stability is shocking, I can no longer control creatures meaning, no Shard Store creatures, no starter packs, and i would no longer be able to control the titans for the narrative, and they would need to be controlled in order for the narrative to work, not controlling them would be indiscriminate destruction, and be over very quickly.


[Sylvan] Keelan - Eilean Aerin a VOTING IS CLOSED
[Halfing] Selwyn - North Haven At her request. Noriah Annabelle - North Haven - Option 3
[Dwarf] Sealgair Sealgair - Vinterhiem option 1

Hey Guys,

Unfortunately, The release of the extinction DLC completely wiped all our work from the server, every building that was built using primitive plus is gone, there may be more gone, we are not sure. This is pretty dissapointing news given that this is supposed to be a released game, a huge developer with stacks of money, and a piss poor excuse for development.

I have been in talks with nitrado and unfortunately, they kept running backups on the server even though it was down, meaning they overwrote our backups from before the Extinction DLC was released, this was our last hope for a fix.

We have however come back from this before, Survive Stormont has been around since the very beginning in 2015 and we've come back from worse than this.

I will have to think about our options a little here, we could rebuild and carry on, or we could start fresh, but i would need to explain it in the overall narrative.

Please be patient whilst I figure this mess out.


Hey guys,

We don't know the future of the server right now, and i think everyone can understand that in wildcards hands, it may be bad news.

we are still waiting on a fix for primitive plus, everything we have built, enjoyed and roleplayed relies on that.

For now, we will allow Survive Stormont members exclusive access to another Ember server, Kindly Hosted by Shea White - Eilean Gaelach 

Survive Extinction

Mission: Phoenix

Destination: Earth

The world in which you will awake is not the world you will remember. Earth is not the fertile, picturesque planet we have heard stories about. This place is no haven, and there is no safety. You are our last hope for humanity. The terrain is treacherous, mostly barren except for the maniacal beasts that have been corrupted by the substance we fought so hard for. Humanity sought element for our salvation into the new Tek era, but something went very, very wrong. Element now flows freely within the Wasteland, erupting from the ground, twisting and distorting everything it touches. A shattered moon floats high above Earth's red, swollen sky. This once majestic planet is now laden with malfunctioning technology and desolate buildings. Forget everything you thought you knew. For this is not the Earth we know. Your mission is simple, soldier. Find out what went wrong. Save the planet. Save humanity. Survive extinction.

In order to join Survive Extinction you will need to head to the Ember Discord, you can do that here
follow the instructions to add the relevant role you need to gain access.

I hope we have better news soon for Survive Stormont, Cheers!

Hey guys,

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the class system in recent weeks, with some players feeling that their classes are not utilised in the way in which they should be. Together, Maester, Jayge, and Shea have overhauled the existing system to something that hopefully makes every class both relevant and have avenues for income. This proposal is being given to you, the players, to gauge what the community feels about the proposed changes. Furthermore, this new system introduces some questing for players to facilitate roleplay with the Class Archivists, hopefully making each milestone more meaningful.

Class Upgrade Levels:

Class Chosen & Ramshackle BPs at Level 30

Apprentice BPs at Level 40

Journeyman BPs at Level 60

Mastercraft BPs at Level 100

Ascendant BPs at Level 130

The Classes:


Do you harbour hidden talents with the paintbrush? Or simply have a keen eye for interior design, or even a good haircut? Aesthetician, you are.

Items Given:

Dyes x 100

Paintbrush x 2

Canvas x 10

Scissors x 5

Billboard x 10

Wooden Table BP

Taxidermy Base BPs (lvl 60)

Taxidermy Tool BP (lvl 60)

Class Sells:

Haircuts (stylist)

Canvases, Banners, & Billboards (artist)




 As an Alchemist you will spend your time brewing concoctions for all citizens of Andorra.

Items Given:

Consumable Recipes

Handmill x 2

Cauldron x 1

Class Sells:




Cementing Paste


Bug Repellent

Lesser Antidote


Bonemeal Fertiliser



An Armoursmith is member of the smithing family who specialises in the moulding of armours to protect Man from nature itself, from the forges of these fine individuals comes the first line of defence for the citizens of Andorra.

Items Given:

Advanced Workbench x 1

Refining Forge (IC) x 1

Pliers x 3

Modern Storage Shelf x 1

Bookshelf x 1

Class Sells:

Iron Armour

Fur Armour

Chitin Armour


Armour Repairs


The knowledge of how to tame the beasts of Andorra may of been lost but as a Beastmaster you will dedicate yourself to bringing the beasts of the land once again under the control of Mankind.

Items Given:

Magnifying Glass x 1

Taming License

Gun Locker ($25 initial fee, lvl 60)

Tranq Darts x 10 ($1)

Shocking Tranq Darts x 10 ($3)

Class Quest - Daeodon/Pachyrhino (lvl 60)

Class Sells:

Taming of Creatures (only class allowed to tame!)

Narcotic Traps


Building Merchant

 Wish to sell and trade pre-built structures to your fellow Man to help raise new settlements from nothingness and help rebuild civilisation with your own two hands? Then my friend, you may just be a Building Merchant!

Items Given:

Stone Cliff Platform BP

Construction Bench x 1

Cement Mixer x 1

Miners Box x 1

Wood Storage Shed x 1

Class Sells:

Wooden Structures

Stone Structures

Adobe Structures

Lumber Structures

Brick Structures

Greenhouse Structures


An Eggmaster is both a Farmer and Beastmaster, with specific skills denoting their want to care for creatures that produce the finest kibbles in Andorra.

Items Given:

Feeding Troughs x 2

Cauldron x 1

Smokehouse x 1

Sparkpowder x 200

Safari Hat Skin

Shipment of Eggs x 20

Shipment of Eggs x 20 (lvl 40)

Shipment of Eggs x 20 (lvl 60)

Class Quest - Oviraptor (lvl 60)

Shipment of Eggs x 20 (lvl 100)

Shipment of Eggs x 20 (lvl 130)

Class Sells:




Farmers are skilled in the growth, care, and production of crops, as well as rearing and caring for bees and sheep.

Items Given:

Seed Types x 2

Small Crop Plots x 2

Medium Crop Plots x 2

Compost Bins x 2

Smokehouse x 1

Sparkpowder x 200

Scissors x 5

Fertiliser x 10

Shag Rug BP

Class Quest – Ovis: Male & Female (lvl 40)

Ovis Breeding License (lvl 40)

Class Quest – Bee Hives x 2 (lvl 60)

Bee Keeper License (lvl 60)

Class Sells:



Organic Oil

Bees Wax



Oil (by-product of Dung Beetle)


As a Fletcher, you shall make not only the bows of Andorra but also the fine arrows that are used by them.

Items Given:

Advanced Workbench x 1

Refining Forge (IC) x 1

Pliers x 3

Modern Storage Shelf x 1

Bookshelf x 1

Weapon Rack x 1

Class Sells:



Recurve Bows


Stone Arrows

Feathered Stone Arrows

Obsidian Arrows

Flame Arrows

Tranq Arrows

Grappling Hooks

Bow Repairs


A Gunsmith is another member of the Smithing family who specialises in crafting weaponry of the ranged variety for both Man, Base or Ship.

Items Given:

Advanced Workbench x 1

Refining Forge (IC) x 1

Pliers x 3

Modern Storage Shelf x 1

Bookshelf x 1

Weapon Rack x 1

Class Sells:


Simple Ammo


Ballista Bolts




Cannon Balls

Flare Guns

Oil Jars

Smoke Grenades

Sticky Bombs

Barrels of Gunpowder

Chain Bolas

Pistol Repairs


Become one of the greatest Hunters of Andorra, making your living through killing tracking, stalking and killing the creatures of Andorra.

Items Given:

Ghillie Suit (Prim)

Sparkpowder x 200

Meat Preserving Shed x 1

Bow (Prim)

Stone Arrows x 50

Narcotic Traps x 5

Fishing Rod (Prim)

Stone Hunting Knife (Prim)

Deadfall Trap x 2

Trap Bait x 10

Fish Trap x 2

Fish Bait x 10

Bolas x 10

Class Sells:

Fishing Rods

Stone Hunting Knives

Tripwire Alarms

Bear Traps

Large Bear Traps

Fish Traps & Bait

Deadfall Traps & Bait

Fishing Baskets

Meat/Fish Products




Silica/Black Pearls

Rare Flowers/Mushrooms





 Do you think in a rather strange manner, often scribbling down designs that seem out of this world? Almost impossible designs that somehow, through hard work and dedication they may work? Then you sound like an Inventor!

Items Given:

Advanced Workbench x 1

Refining Forge (IC) x 1

Modern Storage Shelf x 1

Bookshelf x 1

Glowstick BP

Lance BP

Glider Suit BP

Tree Sap Tap BP

Climbing Picks BP

Zipline Anchors BP (lvl 40)

Zipline Motors BP (lvl 40)

Toilet BP (lvl 40)

Pontoon Bridges (lvl 40)

Harpoon Launcher BP (lvl 60)

Tranq Spear Bolt BP (lvl 60)

Electric Prod BP (lvl 60)

Industrial Grill BP (lvl 60)

Industrial Cooker BP (lvl 60)

Industrial Forge BP (lvl 60)

Alchemy Table (lvl 60)

Radio BP (lvl 100)

Camera BP (lvl 100)

GPS BP (lvl 100)

Delivery Crate (lvl 130)

Dino Leash (lvl 130)

Class Sells:

All items above


Seek to make your wealth through nothing more than brute strength, hard, honest work and the experience to know where and how to amass large quantities of raw and unrefined materials? Then a Lumberjack you are!

Items Given:

Lumber Station x 2

Wood Storage Shed x 4

Firewood Holder x 2

Iron Pickaxe (Prim)

Iron Hatchet (Prim)

Metal Sickle (Prim)

Class Quest – Megaloceros: lvl 100, Neutered

Castor License (lvl 40)

Mammoth License (lvl 60)

Lumbermill Ownership License (lvl 100)

Class Sells:








A Merchant is a trader of no specific speciality; A Merchant will buy and sell whatever he can get his hands on in order to make a living. Merchants do not produce their own product.

Items Given:

Market Stalls x 2

Trading Crates x 6

Trading License

200 Sterling Capital

Shipment of Wares - Common

Shipment of Wares - Uncommon (lvl 40)

Shipment of Wares - Rare (lvl 60)

Class quest - Paracer + Platform Saddle (lvl 60)

Shipment of Wares - Specialist (lvl 100)

Shipment of Wares - Exotic (lvl 130)

Shipment of Wares

Two random items from the list, at 1000 units per, unless specified other.

Common: Thatch, Fiber, Flint, Stone, Wood, Hide

Uncommon: Silk, Iron Ingots, Obsidian, Coal, Oil, Sparkpowder

Rare: Crystal, Narcotics, Pelt, CP, Silica Pearls, Re/Bonemeal Fert

Specialist: Beeswax, Simple Bullets, Cannon Balls, Gasoline, Steel

Exotic: Pick Two, 1000 each (100 cannon balls)

Class Sells:

Licensed to Buy and Trade in All Goods


 Seek to make your wealth through nothing more than brute strength, hard, honest work and the experience to know where and how to amass large quantities of raw and unrefined materials? Then a Miner you are.

Items Given:

Refining Forge x 2

Sparkpowder x 200

Miners Box x 4

Oil Tank x 1

Iron Pickaxe (Prim)

Iron Hatchet (Prim)

Obsidian Pickaxe (Prim)

Doed License (lvl 40)

Anky License (lvl 40)

Oil Pump x 1 (lvl 60)

Mine Ownership License (lvl 100)

Class Sells:











 A Saddlesmith is a member of the smithing family, and as a Saddlesmith you will have unique knowledge of how to craft the saddles for each of the unlocked creatures.

Items Given:

Advanced Workbench x 1

Refining Forge (IC) x 1

Modern Storage Shelf x 1

Bookshelf x 1

Class Sells:

Saddles for All Unlocked Creatures


 If the domain of Maeve sings to your heart, if the swells of the vast oceans of Andorra crash over a wave of emotion or the crafting of ships shivers your timbers then you may just be a Shipmaster.

Items Given:

Motorboat x 1

Gasoline x 100

Boat Building Cache

Compass x 1

Captain's Hat Skin

Spyglass x 1

Extra Motorboats ($40)

Boat Building Cache

Given to prove ability to build ships. Free first ship for yourself once built. Apprenticeship may be required.

Wooden Foundations x 15

Wooden Ceilings x 22

Wooden Hatchframe x 1

Wooden Hatch x 1

Wooden Ladder x 5

Wooden Pillars x 6

Wooden Catwalks x 10

Rope Ladders x 6

Wooden Walls x 36

Single Panel Flags x 30

Wooden Ramp x 2

Stone Railings x 16

Wooden Doorframe x 1

Wooden Door x 1

Class Sells:

Wooden Rafts

Wooden Structures

Stone Railings

Stone Large Hatchframes

Sailing Licenses


Boat Repairs


 A Soldier is above all an honourable warrior that relies on a rigid hierarchy, order and duty. This is a roleplay heavy class. You must prove thyself (lvl 70) and then pick thy path. Good = Mercenary (Paid). Bad = Bandit (Lawless).

Items Given:

Iron Armour (Prim)

Wooden Shield (Prim)

Sword (Prim)

Crossbow (Prim)

Compass x 1

Spyglass x 1

Iron Shield (lvl 40)

Class Sells:

Paid Protection (not Bandit)

Armour and Weapon Repair Discounts (not Bandit, on Archivist given items)


 A Stablemaster is in charge of any tames you / your group may own. Whether that means feeding/ taking care of them or propagating their lineages and creating stronger bloodlines to sell to others.

Items Given:

Breeding License

Breeding Kibbles x 2

Feeding Troughs x 2

Class Quest – Dimetrodon (lvl 60)

Breeding Specialisation

Stablemasters must pick certain beasts to specialise in their breeding, the higher the level, the more slots allocated.

1 Medium, 1 Small, 1 Light (30)

1 Medium, 1 Small (lvl 40)

1 Large, or 1 Medium, 1 Small (lvl 60)

1 Large/Medium or 2 Small (lvl 100)

Tier Specialisation (lvl 130)

Possibility for Swaps (speak to an Archivist IC)

Class Sells:

Bred Animals (only class allowed to breed, unless stated)


 A Tailor is skilled in the ways of crafting and repairing the best clothing of Andorra.

Items Given:

Advanced Workbench x 1

Refining Forge (IC) x 1

Pliers x 3

Modern Storage Shelf x 1

Bookshelf x 1

Tanning Rack x 2

Salt x 400

Class Sells:

Cloth Armour

Hide Armour

Desert Cloth Armour

Ghillie Armour




Single Panel Flags

Multi-Panel Flags


Armour Repairs

Tavern Keeper

A Tavern Keeper is a specialist in culinary arts and make their living through opening taverns and providing food and drinks crafted by Bakers and Brewers.

Items Given:

100 Sterling Capital

Liquor License

Tudor Bar x 1

Smokehouse x 1

Sparkpowder x 200

Wooden Chair x 10

Wooden Table x 2

Mortal and Pestal x 2

Modern Grill x 1

Class Sells:

Custom Recipes

Culinary Specialisation: Choose between becoming a Baker or Brewer (lvl 40)

Baker Items:

Cooking Station x 1

Cauldron x 1

Fruit Press x 1

Smokehouse x 1

Sparkpowder x 200

Preserving Campfire x 1

Bakers Oven x 2

Handmill x 1

Baker Makes:

Sack of Flour

Bread Dough

Corn Starch

Cake Batter

Pizza Dough

Tomato Sauce

Ground Cashew

Ground Soybean


Pancake Batter

Biscuit Batter

Cookie Dough

Sugar Juice Bucket



Food Dishes


Brewer Items:

Beer Barrels x 10

Fermenting Barrels x 3

Fruit Press x 1

Smokehouse x 1

Sparkpowder x 200

Cauldron x 1

Fermenting Barrels x 3 (lvl 60)

Beer Barrels x 10 (lvl 100)

Brewer Makes:

Cup of Malt

Fruit Juices

Sugar Juice Bucket

Braggot Mead

Wheat Beer



Grape Juice


A Toolsmith is a member of the smithing family, and as a Toolsmith it would be your duty to forge and sell iron tools of various qualities.

Items Given:

Advanced Workbench x 1

Refining Forge (IC) x 1

Pliers x 3

Modern Storage Shelf x 1

Bookshelf x 1

Weapon Rack x 1

Class Sells:

Iron Picks

Iron Hatchets

Metal Hammers

Obsidian Picks


Metal Sickles

Steel Safebox


Tool Repairs


 A Weaponsmith is another member of the smithing family, who specializes in crafting weaponry of the close proximity variety for the Man of Andorra.

Items Given:

Advanced Workbench x 1

Refining Forge (IC) x 1

Pliers x 3

Modern Storage Shelf x 1

Bookshelf x 1

Weapon Rack x 1

Training Dummy x 2

Grindstone x 1

Class Sells:


Viking Axes



Obsidian Spears


Wooden Clubs

Weapon Repairs

Please look over the proposed changes to the class system and let the Class Archivists know what you think. They will answer any questions you may have, and are very open to your suggestions.

Thank you - Your Staff

Hey Guys,

With Groknaks departure and a new Blueprint archivist team, this seems a good oppertunity to get feedback from the community on the class system

We are all aware not everyone saw eye to eye on Grognaks iteration and roll out, this time i would like to have more involvement from the community itself

If you have any suggestions, concerns or ideas you would like to see implemented in the class system, please feel free to comment here, please do so constructively

The new Blueprint archivist team are looking at the whole system and optimising it where they feel it's needed.

Please also bare in mind that primitive plus is not entirely co-operative when it comes to coding things in, not everything is going to be possible


[Sylvan] Cartoc [Sylvan] Some suggestions to make classes more useful: Remove Climbing picks and glider suits from ark drops to increase Innovat...

Hey Guys,

Regarding Blueprint Archivism...

Staff have recently been getting alot of complaints in regards to collecting, upgrading and otherwise communicating with our blueprint Archivist, Grognak

We attempted to remedy this by having more staff be available to complete the handout process and roleplay with players wanting to seek out their professions. Unfortunately Grognak did not wish for other staff to be involved in this process and has since left Survive Stormont on that disagreement.

Blueprint Archivism will now be conducted by Jayge Rig'Brin'Ger and Archmaester Mormont through seperate monster characters created specifically for the role, they may also seek to train players from other settlements in Archivism.

They will work in the Greer Archives, located in North Haven

We apologise for any delays in previously conducting any business with the Library of Babel, The blueprint system will now be more accessible to everyone.

Hey Guys,

Alot of work is being done on Port Greer (Previously Pengragon Port) in preperation for market days!

There will be lots to do, from socialising at the elequently named bars, trading and boxing

Few pictures below:


Hey Guys

We are working on implementing a market day for a specific day, this will mostly likely be bi-weekly or weekly

These will be run at Pendragon port, which will formally be renamed Port Greer

These will be conducted/run by Merchant class

As you can see, I have been creating ad billboards for your shops!

Feel free to come take a look at progress!


Hey Guys,

We are now allowing for property sales on the Shard Store, this means if you want to sell your property, head to #sell-property chat in the Stormont Help Centre via Discord.

If you want to buy property, head to the Shard Store there are a few for sale already!

We also allow the sale of ships here.

Please note that if you have previously left builds lying around the map, these will not be eligable for sale and will be destroyed for breaking structure guidelines.

Oromis Ironwood x What are the building structure guidelines?

Hey Guys

The Dung Beetle is to be unlocked as a tamable creature for the server soon, This is due to the efforts of you, the players

In character an archivist will need to send letters to all settlements in Andorra before the knowledge is spread enough for them to become tamable. This has taken place, see Andorra Postal Service

Hopefully we will see more lovely creatures becoming available

If you're new to research, here are some fantastic examples.

Hey Guys

The Thylacoleo is to be unlocked as a tamable creature for the server soon, This is due to the efforts of you, the players

In character an archivist will need to send letters to all settlements in Andorra before the knowledge is spread enough for them to become tamable. This will happen soon.

Hopefully we will see more lovely creatures becoming available

If you're new to research, here are some fantastic examples.


Hey Guys

The Compy is to be unlocked as a tamable creature for the server soon, This is due to the efforts of you, the players

In character an archivist will need to send letters to all settlements in Andorra before the knowledge is spread enough for them to become tamable. This will happen soon.

Hopefully we will see more lovely creatures becoming available

If you're new to research, here are some fantastic examples.


Hey Guys

In light of the server having low population, in order to help it Survive, i will allow everyone who wishes to help run a large scale recruitment drive to bring some new blood in.

If you have facebook, please share this post here

Reddit is also a pretty good place to get good players!

Please make sure you post the Below:

Survive Stormont is an RPVPVE Ark: Survival Evolved server based on the Xbox One/Cross Play located within Europe, however, all regions are welcome! We are dedicated to organizing a community of fellow Roleplayers who wish to contribute as actively as they can to the overall feeling of immersion in the story we have created. We strive for an open, pleasant, and fun atmosphere within the server and we welcome players from all experience levels who will add to this and embrace the tone we already have. We are unlike any other server with our detailed and professional website and our Custom Research and Class Systems.

Please only apply if you are a Roleplayer or are interested in learning to Roleplay


(Please post the below pictures along with the add)

Hey Guys

I wish i could come with better news but, here goes:

It's no secret that Stormont's player volume has completely dropped of, this usually happens towards the end of an Age, not early within it.

With that being said, Stormont cost alot of Work, Money and Time to run.

We have a large community of you who don't seem to be playing.

whether that be burnout with ark, or you're not sure where to take your character progression, it happens.

As you are all aware Ember Development is going well, very well actually. But i'll get to the point...

If people are no longer playing Stormont, i will take the money, time and resources it takes to run it...and put them towards the development of Ember.

Ember Development is a hundred times more costly than Stormont, and if Stormont is not being utilised. it will close.

This can be prevented, if the whole community work together to bring the server upto shape.


Hey everyone! You can find the Sixth episode of The Age of Heroes