Hey Guys

I've noticed a large amount of Stormont players tend to get burnt out/tired of Ark, with that in mind:

I have decided Stormont will become part of a larger roleplay community: Frontier

The Stormont community has always been great, so Frontier will allow those who get tired of Ark to still roleplay alongside the same community, even if they are taking a break from Stormont.

Frontier will offer lots of roleplay oppertunities across a wide variety of games, it'll be a roleplay first community, regardless of Platform.

Frontier will operate on Ember & Discord

If you are already part of the Survive Stormont Discord, you do not need to do anything, the Discord will be updated.

Please join their community on Ember here

If you are unfamiliar with Ember, it is a social network being developed (by me) for gamers

Ember is currently in early Alpha stage development, there are lots of features to come!