Survivors, another update to the Class System is inbound!

So, as you may or may not know there has been a lot of talk between the Stormont Staff team in regards to the our Class System. We are wanting to optimise this new system in order to best suit the roleplay of Stormont, and the constraints Ark has on the server. This being said, we have some more changes for you…

Don’t forget, we do listen to our community, and if you have any thoughts or concerns then we are here to listen.

The Changes:

Building Merchant - From today the building merchant is no longer a playable profession in Stormont. We have had some issues with this class since its inception, first as an architect, and now as a building merchant. We understand that everyone wants to get on and build themselves a homestead so that they can dive into their roleplay… Hopefully this change will aid that transition much easier.

The building merchant used to make all kinds of building materials, but we are highly aware that though we have many on the server none of them are very active. As such, the supplies in which they use to provide have been divided up between other classes. As such:

1) Lumberjack - Makes and sells both Wooden and Lumber building supplies.

2) Miner - Makes and sells Stone building supplies.

3) Aesthetician - Makes and sells Greenhouse and Brick building supplies, the more expensive and luxurious of such. They also now can sell building blueprints and designs for both exterior and interior. Basically, this class now takes after the old architect, with a heavier focus on creativity.

4) Farmer - Can make their own Greenhouse structure to aid in their profession, however they must buy the relevant supplies from a Miner and Alchemist.

Claid - This class has always between a hot issue amongst players. It was introduced as a precaution to those who joined the server to become a Bandit and ended up becoming server trolls. However, we have heard the community and have decided to turn this class back to its origins as a Mercenary/Bounty Hunter class, and leave the criminality out of it.

Banditry - It has been decided that any and all players can now commit crimes, under the guidance of the Stormont Staff. As in real life, criminal activity is something that can be conducted be any and all, though most of us choose to be good for a sense of a moral compass and worries on how it would reflect back on us in the community. Likewise, we are allowing players to commit petty thefts, and more, though do so at your character’s own risk. We have some hard rules that will be adhered to, failure to do so will result in a strike or even banning from the server - No trolling will be tolerated.

All criminal activity must be reported to the Admin/Staff team before/as it happens. This includes, what you did, to whom, and where. Failure to do so will result in a strike.

All criminal activity has to obey the server rules - make one entrance, no killing of passive tames, no stealing off of a person's sleeping body, and such.

Be realistic! All crime must make sense. There is no way one man and his horse could carry a cannon from a crime scene, let alone 10.

You must leave a note at the crime scene, it must include a clue to who has perpetrated the crime in order to keep the roleplay flowing. Such as, “There are muddy, small, heavy footprints leading up to the safe, they appear feminine with shavings of wood about the place.” (Obviously Shea.)

Research Notes - It has been decided that as a reward for completing Research Notes players will be given an IC benefit, that being XP gains. As such, research is something that is done in game, in character, and so it makes sense for their to be a benefit of such, as in the knowledge in which you gain by participating in Research Expeditions.

Rewards are as follows:

1/3 = 250 Experience

2/3 = 500 Experience

3/3 = 1000 Experience

Finally, a message from our Co-Lead, Maddox Vayner (Reb):

Hello Stormont,
This is an important message so I hope you all will read this intently (I hope you read all of our posts intently).
It has come to a point where staff have been working extremely hard at their jobs and everything else has fallen to the wayside. We, as staff, all understand what we signed up for when taking on our roles for the server. It is a thankless job that requires a lot of personal time to conduct staff work. This is time that could be spent enjoying the server, but instead it turns into work.
The balancing of personal lives as well as Stormont duties has left staff with a limited amount of time to actually roleplay. That is why starting this week (Monday, February 4th) staff days off will be implemented.
It has been decided that on every Wednesday, until otherwise notified, Stormont staff and admins will not be required to fulfill any requests made through any channels for any reasons both in game and on discord. All requests will have to wait until the following day to be fulfilled.
Along with Wednesday’s, there will be a second day of the week that will be named on a week by week basis in which staff and admins will not be required to conduct staff duties. This day will be decided on, by staff, to best meet the personal and real life priorities of the staff every week.
We are working to balance the lives of the staff to keep us enjoying Stormont and the server. I know that every staff member has poured blood and negated sleep to try and provide the best experience for you all. They deserve to experience all of the hard work they put in to the product.
Thank you all for listening and understanding.
If you have any further questions please put them in the discussion channel on the discord or the request staff channel.
I hope you all had a great weekend!
The first set of days off will be Wednesday, February 5th and Friday, February 7th.
- Reb

Stay frosty - Stormont Staff Team