Interested in Helping Survive Stormont?


Ark may be the platform in which we choose to play, but this server has always taken pride in the fact that our players don’t play Ark they play Stormont. However, that being said, the server still requires its platform which is hosted by Nitrado, as most are.


As you may know, our leader Max has taken his leave from Stormont to focus on his amazing creation Ember Gaming Network. But he is still paying for our server and play time. As such, we have asked him to provide us with a Boost Code for Nitrado which can allow players to donate a small amount of money to add game time to the server. For instance, £0.79 can pay for 29 hours of server time.


We realise not everyone has the funds to donate towards Survive Stormont, and we aren’t asking you to. But incase anyone ever wanted to support the server we will provide the Boost Code to you all - to use at your own discretion.


To all of you who are wanting to donate towards our Nitrado hosting, we thank you. Our community is amazing and always will be. We love each and every one of you Goobs in the Survive Stormont family.


-Your Stormont Staff Team  


How Nitrado Boosting Works - Step by Step Guide


Step 1: Install the Nitrado Microsoft Store App - On Xbox One, search for "Nitrado" in the Store, download and you'll find it in the "Apps" section.


Step 2: Entering the Boost Code - After logging in, you will find different tabs in the menu on the left. One of them is labeled "Boosting". Simply enter the Boost Code, “dgxce1kh”, into the input field that shows up in that menu.

Step 3: Pick your Boost Size and Custom Message - Once you have entered a correct Boost Code for a server that has Boosting enabled, you'll be greeted with this view:

This view shows a custom message from the server owner, allows you to pick an amount to donate to the server, and you can also leave a message for the server owner that will be shown alongside your donation. You can switch between different boost sizes with the right thumb stick on your Xbox One controller, or with a simple mouse click if you're on Windows 10. You will also see in how much server run time your contribution will result.


Step 4: Purchase and done! - After hitting "Purchase" you will be prompted for payment by the Microsoft Store. You can use all payment methods that are available for purchases in the store. After a successful boost, you will also receive a custom message from the server owner.

Thank you for the support!