Hello Survivors!


As you may know we have not been long stranded on these new, foreign lands, and whilst we are doing our best to help each and every one of you reach your full potential, and thrive in your success, we have hit a few hiccups.


The Class System is something we have put a lot of effort and hard-work into. Hours and hours of such. To some it's too restrictive, to others it's a breath of fresh air.


This new system is in its infancy and as such we appreciate there may be some issues, but we are willing to listen to you and try our hardest to do what is best for Stormont. That being said, we have a few changes that we are about to implement, and maybe more in the future, in the hopes of making this great system, better.


Your profession is important. It's as much a part of you as your history is. We understand that, so here is what we are going to be changing:


Blacksmith - We are combining the Toolsmith and Weaponsmith class into one encompassing Blacksmithing class. This class will be restricted on selling improved tools to the classes that use them, i.e. Lumberjack, Miner, and Huntsman, but can now sell both tools and weapons, and provide repairs to both.


Tavern Keep - The Tavern Keep profession is one that is not for the faint of heart, but requires and produces some amazing roleplay. Within this class you used to be able to specialise between Baker or Brewer, however we have decided to merge the two together so that a Tavern Keep can make their own beer and food to sell in their establishments.

However, I will remind everyone that you should be buying your fresh produce from a Farmer or Huntsman.


Farmer - The farming class is one that has always struggled to make a good income from settlers as too many people use their mounts to source food for the every day and by doing this forego an entire class. However, we are implementing a new specialisation to the Farmer who may now make and sell farm produce, i.e. jam and cooked rice (taking it from the Baker). This allows for another avenue of revenue for the farmer, and some sweet treats for you survivors.


Settlement Food Packages - It will now be mandatory for every settlement to get their food from a Farmer or Huntsman or both. This will be a small payment per person, per week, to ensure that realistically you can feed your people if you do not have anyone of that profession within your outpost. This will only be a small fee, but every little help, especially those professions that struggle to make ends meet.

Building Merchant - There has been a few suggestions about this class, and we are looking at the best way to implement these, but currently I would like to take the time to let you know that The General Store can provided building materials if a Building Merchant isn't available. Even if this is just to set up a small homestead, in which you can expand in the future.


Lastly, and this is the good news...!


The economy has become a little stagnant and as such The General Store did a drive to bring more sterling into Therinsdore. However, we were made aware that for some classes selling in bulk in such a way would never provide the same yield as other professions. So…


When a survivor registers their profession with The Greer Archives (level 30), the Archivists will provide each player with a 50 Sterling Business Start-Up Loan. This money is separate from your starter money, which is also 50 Sterling, and is to help with the costs of starting your business from scratch.


This is sponsored by The General Store, who wish for all of you to succeed in order to keep their shelves stocked, and the Merchant Ship coming back to our land. Please note, this money will be back-dated to all who are already registered, but have yet to receive their loan. However, you only get it once, even if you change classes.


We thank all of you amazing Goobs for becoming a part of Stormont, and for making us stronger each and every day. We work so hard for you guys, our family here.

If you have any suggestions about any of the changes we are making, or about anything else, please feel free to approach one of us in the #discussions channel on Discord, or if you prefer you can request staff to message you privately in the #request-staff channel.


- Love, Your Stormont Staff Team :)