Greetings Survivors,

We have urgent news from The General Store!

It seems that the merchant ship this last week came into a pouch full of sterling and decided to empty our shelves (bloody dwarves) to refill their hull and sell to lands far and beyond.

This has left The General Store without stock, and in desperate need to trade with the professions of the land (yes, I'm talking to you), so that the store has wares available for one and all.

So, we would like to invite any and all men, women, and confused individuals (cough... Mormont ...cough) to the store this Tuesday and Thursday to conduct business. Bring all the goods you can carry (we accept no responsibility for anything lost on your travels). Anything valuable that we can stock up our barrels with (please help). We will take anything and everything you can craft, cook, or collect, from honey to hatchets! We'll buy it all (maybe not that, disgusting...).

The store clerks will buy up to 100 sterlings worth of goods from each trader (per person) for the entirety of this week. But don't forget, we only buy at 70% of your retail value.

We hope to see you there (9/10pm GMT, Tues/Thurs)!

- The General Store