Yesterday a ship arrived at Eilean Aerin.
At first we were worried that something evil had followed us to these shores from Andorra.
But that is not the case. It appears to be a merchant ship, with a want to trade goods with the island.
This vessel may save us all.
Praise the Gods.
- Wanda

The General Store is Open!

Opening Times:

Tuesday - Evenings (GMT)

Thursday - Evenings (GMT)

> Will be confirmed each week in Discord <

The General Store will sell everything and anything needed by the men and women of the land - from raw resources to crafted goods. It is the aim of this store to be able to fill the gaps that are present within the current economic climate of Eilean Aerin, and provide exotic goods that cannot be found anywhere else on this new land.

It is our aim to buy from tradesman first and foremost, so that the economy can flourish. But where there is no trade, we shall buy from the travelling merchant ship that comes to the island once a week.

The Merchant Ship arrives on Saturdays! 

On this day, you can buy directly from the crew in their small shop that has been set up on the northern side of the bay. They will also be looking to buy goods from yourselves aswell. Their stock shall change each week, and their prices will flunctuate because of this.

So be sure to come and visit them, as not to miss out on any deals!

Lastly, you can now Rent Ships from EAS Shipyard (run by The General Store)!

These ships are expensive to rent, but are of strong quality and have no travelling restrictions on them. They are an investment for a settlement, and should be treated as such.

We have three different ships available:

EAS Rannsachair - This is a small ship, that can transport 6-8 people but 0 tames and has 101 storage slots onbaord. The Rannsachair is a low laying vessel, perfect for travelling inland on rivers, but can be dangerous when taken out into the open ocean.

This ship costs $30 per week to rent, roughly $4 pp. 

EAS Sona - This is a small ship, that can transport 3-6 people and 1-3 tames and has 140 storage slots onboard. The Sona is a sloop by nature that has been adjusted to allow transport of both human and beast alike across the vast ocean.


This ship costs $50 per week to rent, roughly $10 pp.

EAS Lorg - This is a medium vessel, that can transport 4-6 people and 4-6 tames and has 240 storage slots onboard. The Lorg is a strong, sturdy ship, built to withstand the oceans and rivers of the land whilst transporting a large quantity of human and beast alike.

This ship costs $70 per week to rent, roughly $14 pp.

To accomodate the newly built ships and docking areas in the bay of Eilean Aerin, The General Store staff kindly ask that no rafts are to be left in the bay area! This is to allow the new ships the ability to turn within our waters, and for worry that the bigger vessels will crush the weak rafts under their strong hulls.

Thank You.

We are looking forward to your visit!

- The General Store of Eilean Aerin