Hey Guys

As most of you are aware, I have stepped down from full time Survive Stormont staff in order to focus on my development project, Ember

After some recent developments, Ember has merged with the former BNN team (British Nerd Network) to create Embers official content creating community, Forge

This is a pretty exciting move forward, and I am happy to have the former BNN staff now onboard as Embers own, helping us pave the way for the future.

if you're already part of Embers discord, an announcement has been sent out already! please follow the instructions!

if you're new to Stormont and Ember

Survive Stormont is owned and run by Ember, you can sign up and check it out here

Ember is a Gaming/Nerd culture social network in development

you can join the official Ember community, Forge discord here

I hope the Stormont staff team are treating you well, if not, kick their butts ;)

Cheers guys!