Hello everyone, I hope all of your days are doing well and you are all having a wonderful time with loved ones on this holiday. I have had the privilage to come back as one of your staff members to help monitor and assist when needed by anyone so hello and I'M BACK!

As you know the new year is coming along fast, and with the changes being made to staff we are all working quickly to better the server so we can have a smooth fourth year for our beloved Stormont server. With that said, a few things need to be addressed before we can continue our work to bring you a better server!

As you know we play on a roleplay server where the people of Adaesu work together by buying from each other, working with each other, and many other things with people of different classes who specialize in hunting, crafting, and breeding. All of your staff are working very hard to make sure that this class system is done correctly and works 100 % to everyone's benefit this time around. With that being said...

One of our staff members recently did a quick inventory check to see the position of our players in our current stage, and what was found was not appropriate to the standards that we keep. This being so, your staff will now be taking inventory of the belongings everyone has. It is unfortunate it has come to this, but with the abuse that has been seen of the class system in this age as well as the others it has been decided that until further notice there will be random inventory checks of players, chests, and other storage items until further notice.

Understand that no one should be workin in their class systems until the requirements are met as well as becoming registered with your class through your local archivists.

We understand some people wish to get a head start, but that is not what this server is about.
There will be a chest located on the shore of Eilean Aerin where everyone anonymously can put all contraband inside to be taken away so that we can begin working on our assigned classes and start trading and buying from one another. These chests will remain until Monday 31st December, 2018.After this date a search by staff will be conducted again. If we find anything not suitable for your class and/or position during this time of the age, you will receive your first write up. We do go on a three strike policy so no need to feel overwhlemed as I'm sure everyone wishes to improve the server and its roleplay goals as much as we do, and we acknowledge that accidents happen.

If you are concerned or have any questions please feel free to reach out to us in the ask an admin discord channel. As much as we do appreciate the private messages, we prefer that our inboxes be used for more private situations and as this is not for certain individuals but for everyone in the Stormont community, we'd like to keep the questions and answers as public as we can so that we can discuss and get everyone's opinions on the subject.

You all mean so much to the team and to our community and we appreciate and thank you for all that you do! We hope to continue pushing the server into the right direction and with the help of all of you we can make it possible.

- Immune
On behalf of the Survive Stormont Staff team