look how we looked when we started out!

Hey Guys,

From December 27th, 2015 I have ran Survive Stormont striving to be the best presented and most professionally ran strict roleplay server on the ark platform for Xbox

I've had some great laughs, made some amazing friends and had alot of fun in the process

I have no doubt we will always be better than every other "roleplay" server thrown together with a crap site, facebook group and riddled with meta.

It often feels like a thankless job, and the inherit problems presenting yourself as professional as we do means people consistantly have high expectations, a double edged sword.

I am therefore announcing I am stepping down as the leader, beginning January 2019, right after our third birthday

I am, exhausted. The more toxic members of the community have truly worn me down, and my focus right now is on the development of Ember.

In my place i will be putting Maddox VeynerEdward Mercer as co leaders of Survive Stormont starting January, the rest of the Staff team will likely remain the same...they may advertise for more staff even!

I believe their focus and strive for quality roleplay will keep the community keen, whilst allowing me to focus myself on Ember.

Perhaps if Atlas shows promise, i may return at the helm, but after playing with the game, it doesn't seem so.

I will of course, still be around dipping my toes in, roleplaying with you all some. I'd love nothing more than to just be a normal player.

Thankyou for the last 3 years of awesomeness, it's been fun!