Rest a while friend. Eat your fill and catch your breath, you have been running quite a while now, a few months at least by my count, and for the moment at least, you are safe.

Whether guided here by your gods, or fled here out of sheer desperation, you have reached Eilan Aerin, or the Island of Hope. Uhtred's influence has not yet tarnished these lands, and no matter how heavy your heart holds, you cannot return to where you once called home.

This is an Isle of refugees, the shelters made from the remnants of the vessels that failed to make it and washed ashore. Only one ship, the KS Logan, managed to survive the perilous journey. Many races can be found here, putting aside the normal grievances and rivalries out of pure desperation and the need to survive. Whether you are a hunter, craftsman or beastmaster, all trades are useful when beginning from nothing, and will not only benefit the other refugees, but can open up paths for bartering for the goods you do need.

The area is seemingly mostly wild, we do not know what inhabits the mainland, whilst we cannot govern your behaviour or actions in these virgin lands. Though we will request that you remain civil when on Eilean Aerin. There are many wounded and exhausted here who need to recover from the harsh journey.



Starting out 

- Create your character matching the guidelines of the race you have selected in the shard store

- Spawn in Eothaine (South Zone 3) (See Map)

- Make your way over to Eilean Aerin

- As soon as you step foot on Eilean Aerin, you are in character

You were on one of the ships coming from Andorra, during the storm your ship listed and capsized

You are completely unaware if there are any survivors other than yourself left

You have been at sea for roughly 2 months, you are exhausted and injured

You know absolutely nothing of Therinsdore, including it's name.


- Make sure you have purchased your starter pack, race and relgion (if you decide to be relgious) from the shard store, we do not want to have to break character because you have not yet done this after arriving on Eilean Aerin.

- Players new to Survive Stormont, you are also natives on Andorra, you may choose an area to have come from, it may be easier for your back story to not be associated with any of the Settlements already in Andorra

If you wish to come from a settlement in Andorra you will need to seek permission from the players who managed those settlements and get to know a little about them.

You have automatic approval if you decide to choose North Haven.

The server will be opening at roughly 8PM (GMT) unless there are any serious issues, Please make sure you have your mics on and available

once arriving at Eilean Aerin and you can visibly see people, enter the Eilean Aerin channel on the Discord