Hello everyone

If you're familiar with me, and how i do things..You'll know i am very particular when it comes to maps, i refuse to use standard ark maps, i need more "fluff"

above is the new map for our next adventure, I've gone a little different direction with this one, I've opted for more colour and less "Burnt paper" aesthetics, chances are i will create a burnt paper version too, trusty burnt paper eh.....

A short narrative overview will be released soon, this will be the basis for our next adventure. I will also be giving guidance out for those who are new and wish to come from "somewhere other land" as i am in the process of creating the entire Adaesu world map, so anyone wishing to come from another land will need to choose from the lands i provide within the upcoming world map.

Below are the pronunciations of the provinces, islands, mountains and various other places, I have purposely not named everything.

Therinsdore is Dwarven in it's origin, as usual with Survive Stormont naming, I have gone with the Gaelic languages such as Welsh, Scottish, Irish and Ancient Brittonic (Very old English)

Below are the pronunciations

- "Adaesu" - [A-day-sue]

- "Therinsdore" - [Fair-ins-door]

- "Fionn" - [Fee-on]

- "Nevia" - [Nev-ia]

- "Loch Lynn" - [Lock-Linn]

- "Dunduin" - [Done-do-inn]

- "Eilean Durin" - [Ay-lan-door-in]

- "Thairin" - [Fair-inn]

- "Strenraer" - [Stren-Rar]

- "Aerwyn Forest" - [Eh-are-win]

- "Great Rhianwen" - [Ree-en-wen]

- "Hearth" - [Har-th]

- "Faern" - [Ferrin]

- "Eothaine" - [Ee-oh-thane]

- "Rí Brenin" - [Rye-Bren-inn]

- "Eilean Aeron" - [Ay-lan-air-on]

What comes next?

- I will be releasing a narrative overview, enough for us to get started playing the game and of course, roleplaying

- I will be releasing a revised "Andorran" language, heavily based on Kara (Sylvan) and Common

- We will start playing!

Apologies for the delays, we have been experiencing more technical difficultys with wildcards broken arse game.