Hey Guys!

I'm pretty excited to share some really awesome news with you!

as you are aware i have put a team of staff in my place for the majority of the day to day running of Stormont. This is because i have been working hard on Ember, my gaming social media project/baby/thing!

I announced the existence of Ember back in March on Stormont, you can find the original announcement here

Since then, we have built the infrastructure and created the beginning of my vision for what Ember will be, a gaming social network for everyone.

Ember is a Social Media Network designed specifically for Gamers. Ember integrates several Gaming related services to bring one amazing unified profile for Gamers everywhere, regardless of what Platform they play on. Embers main focus is communities, we want Gaming Communities to take advantage of the services Ember will offer.
Whether you’re a Streamer who needs a place to engage your audience, a Community host who wants somewhere immersive to create their vision, a dedicated Gamer who wants somewhere to engage with others, or a Cosplayer who wants to showcase their art. Integrate, with Ember.
We are currently in early Alpha development. This Alpha is open for anyone to join, the more people we have testing our service, the better.
Today we released our first working version of Alpha - 1.1 Bedrock, this is the basis of what i will build everything to come on, and I can't wait to show you all as development goes along.
here is our wonderful helper Hoolegr
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