Hey Guys,

So the vote is over, with option 3 being the winner. Whilst some of you may be relieved the option you chose won, just remember. The whole situation is pretty shite, and everybody loses in this scenario.

So what happens now?

I'd like to get a few points out of the way before we move forward, and hopefully answer any questions you might have.

What will happen to the narrative?

I am creating a way in which players will not lose out on any of the planned Andorra narrative, I didn't plan it for months for it just to no longer be relevant. I want players to enjoy the roleplay it brings, I am moving a few things around to make this happen. details to come.

What happens to our characters and tames?

I originally planned to allow players to upload and transfer their characters and a set amount of tames (that they would realistically be able to take upon a ship) I purchased another server to test this, and unfortunately all the test resulted in characters and tames vanishing into the abyss, it is not currently possible to do this, However:

IC Characters will need to survive the transition.

I will allow anyone who wishes to, to go onto the Andorra server, upload what they wish to keep for a potential day in the future they could gain these back, this would be limited to their IC characters survival and if wildcard ever fix this bug (not feeling too confident about that one) Whilst you are free to upload as many as you wish, redownloading (if ever fixed) will be limited to what is realistically possible IC.

Will you be releasing a narrative backstory of what happened?

Yes, I will release a narrative overview laying out the experiences your characters went through before arriving at their new destination

Will there be a new custom map?

I will release the new map soon, within the next week

How long until we can play?

I don't have a definitive answer yet, it shouldn't be too long. I am setting up the new server in order to create the best player experience, I am also taking the oppertunity to put a few things that could have been done better before right.

Cheers Guys, more info to come soon!