Hey guys

It's been a really shitty time for our community, and I've had to have a long hard think about the future, the current Third Age save file is a mess, Wildcard really fucked us there, Regardless of my own opinions, I don't feel like it would be fair to make an executive decision on this, I want the community as a whole to make this decision. so we will vote.

I understand there is going to be no way to keep 100% of you happy, but i hope you all understand that this was completely caused by wildcard, and there's nothing we could have done to prevent it, i hope you will stay with us regardless of the outcome.

In order to vote you need to have been an active member of the community before the 13th of November, this vote can only be cast by those affected as it is they who will lose the most.

Below are the choices we have.

1.) Don't wipe - stay with the third age, build it up again with all settlements, and continue

2.) Wipe #1 - Wipe the server and start over the third age, fresh from the beginning with everyone going to north haven to start a new

3.) Wipe #2 - Wipe the server and move islands and finish the 3rd age narrative as a write in and pick up from 3.5 where everyone fled andorra (this would mean leaving ragnarok)

Vote Format

In order to vote you must do so in the following format:

Name - Settlement Name - Option 1/2/3

For example: Keelan - North Haven - Option 3


Voting will close 10pm (GMT) 3/12/2018


After further testing throughout the night, I have found that the due to the new bugs in the code, The server stability is shocking, I can no longer control creatures meaning, no Shard Store creatures, no starter packs, and i would no longer be able to control the titans for the narrative, and they would need to be controlled in order for the narrative to work, not controlling them would be indiscriminate destruction, and be over very quickly.