Hey Guys,

Unfortunately, The release of the extinction DLC completely wiped all our work from the server, every building that was built using primitive plus is gone, there may be more gone, we are not sure. This is pretty dissapointing news given that this is supposed to be a released game, a huge developer with stacks of money, and a piss poor excuse for development.

I have been in talks with nitrado and unfortunately, they kept running backups on the server even though it was down, meaning they overwrote our backups from before the Extinction DLC was released, this was our last hope for a fix.

We have however come back from this before, Survive Stormont has been around since the very beginning in 2015 and we've come back from worse than this.

I will have to think about our options a little here, we could rebuild and carry on, or we could start fresh, but i would need to explain it in the overall narrative.

Please be patient whilst I figure this mess out.