Hey guys,

We don't know the future of the server right now, and i think everyone can understand that in wildcards hands, it may be bad news.

we are still waiting on a fix for primitive plus, everything we have built, enjoyed and roleplayed relies on that.

For now, we will allow Survive Stormont members exclusive access to another Ember server, Kindly Hosted by Shea White - Eilean Gaelach 

Survive Extinction

Mission: Phoenix

Destination: Earth

The world in which you will awake is not the world you will remember. Earth is not the fertile, picturesque planet we have heard stories about. This place is no haven, and there is no safety. You are our last hope for humanity. The terrain is treacherous, mostly barren except for the maniacal beasts that have been corrupted by the substance we fought so hard for. Humanity sought element for our salvation into the new Tek era, but something went very, very wrong. Element now flows freely within the Wasteland, erupting from the ground, twisting and distorting everything it touches. A shattered moon floats high above Earth's red, swollen sky. This once majestic planet is now laden with malfunctioning technology and desolate buildings. Forget everything you thought you knew. For this is not the Earth we know. Your mission is simple, soldier. Find out what went wrong. Save the planet. Save humanity. Survive extinction.

In order to join Survive Extinction you will need to head to the Ember Discord, you can do that here
follow the instructions to add the relevant role you need to gain access.

I hope we have better news soon for Survive Stormont, Cheers!