Hey Guys, thought I'd reveal a little about whats going on in the background

So as you all know, the server has been incredibly quiet lately, alot of that can be attributed to the Third Age racing towards us, people getting grind burnout, and new games to play.

The new website is where i want it to be, I would like to announce the existence of what I am working on, Ember Gaming Network.

Ember gaming network will be exactly what it says in the title, A network of gamers who all want to play, roleplay and enjoy a variety of games together without the toxicity which hounds so many gaming communities.

Ember will be one unified platform, which host several servers for many games, all of which it's members can access, Survive Stormont will be one of these Servers, We will also have games such as Minecraft, Arma, Sea of Thieves, GTA (Crew) and many more depending on what the community wants.

Ember will also be a social network, where you can create your own unique profile to express yourself through your love of gaming, there will be discord and twitch integration, game reviews, our own featured streamers & youtubers. The social network side will be everything you'd expect from a social network such as Facebook, but geared towards gaming, without the hostility, toxicity or people being able to pry into your life.

Ember will also feature the ability to create community groups, whether this be for a group of people who game together continuously, or just a group of friends who want to share their experiences together.

Ember will heavily feature offline gaming communities too, whether this be a story tellers guild, Text Roleplay groups or a LARP group wanting somewhere to easily set up their community & Organisation, with full customisation to suit their theme and narratives.

Please bare in mind this is a huge undertaking, and you will not likely see any progress for a long time, I am currently setting myself the target of 1 year to have the basic infrastructure down for this project. Ember will primarily be an app as it's focal point, but it will also be a website for those who prefer the PC.

Those of you who have stuck with me through all of this, will recieve some extra goodies on the Ember app/Website

Cheers Guys - M