Hey guys,

If you have already thought of a name for your third age character, please update your name to match, Here's how below:

Click on your name in the top right (on mobile there will be a navbutton before your name is displayed) and click Account settings

Change your display name, this will then update on site, Please use the following format "Character name - Town Name" if you don't have a planned tribe name yet, use North Haven for now and update it later when you join a new town.

If this doesn't update, please contact me and let me know!

Cheers! - M

Hey guys,

So alot of work is going on behind closed doors regarding the development of the Ember Gaming Network, I announced it a while back (See here)

Whilst i can't reveal too much at this moment in time, I thought i would reveal our little mascots.

They're called goobs, because they are you, and you are all fucking goobs.

Cheers! - M!

[Dwarf] Perdita - House Of Pendragon They are so fricken cute. Definitely not modelled after us lot! XD

Hey Guys, Quick Update

The Shard Store has now been optimised for mobile including those pesky Iphones!

Quick Tutorial below!

First of all, you select your Item, in this case we're going to select the Parasaur starter pack.

As you can see the plus icon has now become a shopping cart icon, this item is added to your cart. If we click the info icon, it will display details about the item.

Now we click the "Shards Total" at the top and it will display our basket.

Simply click the checkout button to go ahead and check out your items.

You will have one final chance to confirm your items before commiting to purchase!

Congrats! if you got this far, you're not a total goob (but you kinda are)

You will recieve a receipt via your inbox!

Hey Guys,

Please Welcome Research Archivist Gregorious and Sydrael As the latest additions to the Survive Stormont and Ember Gaming Network staff team!

These guys will play a heavy role in the third age, they will be operating the Research Archives.

They will have control over what creatures becomes unlocked through the research system..

Which means don't piss them off! ;)

Cheers! - M

We are looking for a player to fill the role of: Kiángarda

This is an incredibly roleplay intensive role, it will require constant in character interaction.

You will be responsible for the the Garda forces, the Kiánards armed forces in North Haven and beyond.

Your responsibilty will be to lead the Garda in the best interest of your Kiánard.

you will also be responsible for Garda Recruitment.

The Garda Forces are responsible for protection of the Kiánard and all their citizens, aswell as duties such as bandit hunting, accompanying diplomatic envoys and routine patrol.

This role is considered an NPC role, You will be part of the North Haven team, working closely with Staff members and Admins.

If you are interested in the role please comment below, interviews will be set up.