Hey Guys,

Soon we will be revealing a large scale event that will reveal the old gods of the First and Second ages,

These gods will become available to select for worship via the Shard store if you so choose, we have created something amazing that includes depictions of the gods themselves.

Whilst i am purposely being vague on the details, this is so the experience isn't ruined.

The event itself for sign up will be posted this coming week!

Feat: grinch baby Reb/Maddox

Hey Guys

Ember has a new massive update, overhauling our entire UI 

You can also host your own blog using ember now!

whilst we are still early in development, progress is coming along nicely

to view the full patch notes, see here

Why not join us on Ember, set up your profile, add the games you love, add your stream, follow your friends and host a blog?

Give the Stormont Staff on Ember some love!

Shea White

The Reverend

Zeek Xceed

Simon Wolfgard


Hope to see you Ember side! 

Cheers - M 

Hey Guys,

with Stormont becoming part of Frontier

We have added a little mini game to the Frontier Discord.

If you love writing and reading narratives, this might be your thing.

It's currently a work in progress but feel free to check it out by adding +getrole Insert Adventure Here in the Frontier Discord


Hey Guys

I've noticed a large amount of Stormont players tend to get burnt out/tired of Ark, with that in mind:

I have decided Stormont will become part of a larger roleplay community: Frontier

The Stormont community has always been great, so Frontier will allow those who get tired of Ark to still roleplay alongside the same community, even if they are taking a break from Stormont.

Frontier will offer lots of roleplay oppertunities across a wide variety of games, it'll be a roleplay first community, regardless of Platform.

Frontier will operate on Ember & Discord

If you are already part of the Survive Stormont Discord, you do not need to do anything, the Discord will be updated.

Please join their community on Ember here

If you are unfamiliar with Ember, it is a social network being developed (by me) for gamers

Ember is currently in early Alpha stage development, there are lots of features to come!



Hey there guys!! Episode 8 of the Age of Heroes Narrative is finally out!

You can check it out here

If anyone would like to read a previous episode, I've provided a list below :)

Episode 1

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Survivors, another update to the Class System is inbound!

So, as you may or may not know there has been a lot of talk between the Stormont Staff team in regards to the our Class System. We are wanting to optimise this new system in order to best suit the roleplay of Stormont, and the constraints Ark has on the server. This being said, we have some more changes for you…

Don’t forget, we do listen to our community, and if you have any thoughts or concerns then we are here to listen.

The Changes:

Building Merchant - From today the building merchant is no longer a playable profession in Stormont. We have had some issues with this class since its inception, first as an architect, and now as a building merchant. We understand that everyone wants to get on and build themselves a homestead so that they can dive into their roleplay… Hopefully this change will aid that transition much easier.

The building merchant used to make all kinds of building materials, but we are highly aware that though we have many on the server none of them are very active. As such, the supplies in which they use to provide have been divided up between other classes. As such:

1) Lumberjack - Makes and sells both Wooden and Lumber building supplies.

2) Miner - Makes and sells Stone building supplies.

3) Aesthetician - Makes and sells Greenhouse and Brick building supplies, the more expensive and luxurious of such. They also now can sell building blueprints and designs for both exterior and interior. Basically, this class now takes after the old architect, with a heavier focus on creativity.

4) Farmer - Can make their own Greenhouse structure to aid in their profession, however they must buy the relevant supplies from a Miner and Alchemist.

Claid - This class has always between a hot issue amongst players. It was introduced as a precaution to those who joined the server to become a Bandit and ended up becoming server trolls. However, we have heard the community and have decided to turn this class back to its origins as a Mercenary/Bounty Hunter class, and leave the criminality out of it.

Banditry - It has been decided that any and all players can now commit crimes, under the guidance of the Stormont Staff. As in real life, criminal activity is something that can be conducted be any and all, though most of us choose to be good for a sense of a moral compass and worries on how it would reflect back on us in the community. Likewise, we are allowing players to commit petty thefts, and more, though do so at your character’s own risk. We have some hard rules that will be adhered to, failure to do so will result in a strike or even banning from the server - No trolling will be tolerated.

All criminal activity must be reported to the Admin/Staff team before/as it happens. This includes, what you did, to whom, and where. Failure to do so will result in a strike.

All criminal activity has to obey the server rules - make one entrance, no killing of passive tames, no stealing off of a person's sleeping body, and such.

Be realistic! All crime must make sense. There is no way one man and his horse could carry a cannon from a crime scene, let alone 10.

You must leave a note at the crime scene, it must include a clue to who has perpetrated the crime in order to keep the roleplay flowing. Such as, “There are muddy, small, heavy footprints leading up to the safe, they appear feminine with shavings of wood about the place.” (Obviously Shea.)

Research Notes - It has been decided that as a reward for completing Research Notes players will be given an IC benefit, that being XP gains. As such, research is something that is done in game, in character, and so it makes sense for their to be a benefit of such, as in the knowledge in which you gain by participating in Research Expeditions.

Rewards are as follows:

1/3 = 250 Experience

2/3 = 500 Experience

3/3 = 1000 Experience

Finally, a message from our Co-Lead, Maddox Vayner (Reb):

Hello Stormont,
This is an important message so I hope you all will read this intently (I hope you read all of our posts intently).
It has come to a point where staff have been working extremely hard at their jobs and everything else has fallen to the wayside. We, as staff, all understand what we signed up for when taking on our roles for the server. It is a thankless job that requires a lot of personal time to conduct staff work. This is time that could be spent enjoying the server, but instead it turns into work.
The balancing of personal lives as well as Stormont duties has left staff with a limited amount of time to actually roleplay. That is why starting this week (Monday, February 4th) staff days off will be implemented.
It has been decided that on every Wednesday, until otherwise notified, Stormont staff and admins will not be required to fulfill any requests made through any channels for any reasons both in game and on discord. All requests will have to wait until the following day to be fulfilled.
Along with Wednesday’s, there will be a second day of the week that will be named on a week by week basis in which staff and admins will not be required to conduct staff duties. This day will be decided on, by staff, to best meet the personal and real life priorities of the staff every week.
We are working to balance the lives of the staff to keep us enjoying Stormont and the server. I know that every staff member has poured blood and negated sleep to try and provide the best experience for you all. They deserve to experience all of the hard work they put in to the product.
Thank you all for listening and understanding.
If you have any further questions please put them in the discussion channel on the discord or the request staff channel.
I hope you all had a great weekend!
The first set of days off will be Wednesday, February 5th and Friday, February 7th.
- Reb

Stay frosty - Stormont Staff Team

Interested in Helping Survive Stormont?


Ark may be the platform in which we choose to play, but this server has always taken pride in the fact that our players don’t play Ark they play Stormont. However, that being said, the server still requires its platform which is hosted by Nitrado, as most are.


As you may know, our leader Max has taken his leave from Stormont to focus on his amazing creation Ember Gaming Network. But he is still paying for our server and play time. As such, we have asked him to provide us with a Boost Code for Nitrado which can allow players to donate a small amount of money to add game time to the server. For instance, £0.79 can pay for 29 hours of server time.


We realise not everyone has the funds to donate towards Survive Stormont, and we aren’t asking you to. But incase anyone ever wanted to support the server we will provide the Boost Code to you all - to use at your own discretion.


To all of you who are wanting to donate towards our Nitrado hosting, we thank you. Our community is amazing and always will be. We love each and every one of you Goobs in the Survive Stormont family.


-Your Stormont Staff Team  


How Nitrado Boosting Works - Step by Step Guide


Step 1: Install the Nitrado Microsoft Store App - On Xbox One, search for "Nitrado" in the Store, download and you'll find it in the "Apps" section.


Step 2: Entering the Boost Code - After logging in, you will find different tabs in the menu on the left. One of them is labeled "Boosting". Simply enter the Boost Code, “dgxce1kh”, into the input field that shows up in that menu.

Step 3: Pick your Boost Size and Custom Message - Once you have entered a correct Boost Code for a server that has Boosting enabled, you'll be greeted with this view:

This view shows a custom message from the server owner, allows you to pick an amount to donate to the server, and you can also leave a message for the server owner that will be shown alongside your donation. You can switch between different boost sizes with the right thumb stick on your Xbox One controller, or with a simple mouse click if you're on Windows 10. You will also see in how much server run time your contribution will result.


Step 4: Purchase and done! - After hitting "Purchase" you will be prompted for payment by the Microsoft Store. You can use all payment methods that are available for purchases in the store. After a successful boost, you will also receive a custom message from the server owner.

Thank you for the support!

Hello Survivors!


As you may know we have not been long stranded on these new, foreign lands, and whilst we are doing our best to help each and every one of you reach your full potential, and thrive in your success, we have hit a few hiccups.


The Class System is something we have put a lot of effort and hard-work into. Hours and hours of such. To some it's too restrictive, to others it's a breath of fresh air.


This new system is in its infancy and as such we appreciate there may be some issues, but we are willing to listen to you and try our hardest to do what is best for Stormont. That being said, we have a few changes that we are about to implement, and maybe more in the future, in the hopes of making this great system, better.


Your profession is important. It's as much a part of you as your history is. We understand that, so here is what we are going to be changing:


Blacksmith - We are combining the Toolsmith and Weaponsmith class into one encompassing Blacksmithing class. This class will be restricted on selling improved tools to the classes that use them, i.e. Lumberjack, Miner, and Huntsman, but can now sell both tools and weapons, and provide repairs to both.


Tavern Keep - The Tavern Keep profession is one that is not for the faint of heart, but requires and produces some amazing roleplay. Within this class you used to be able to specialise between Baker or Brewer, however we have decided to merge the two together so that a Tavern Keep can make their own beer and food to sell in their establishments.

However, I will remind everyone that you should be buying your fresh produce from a Farmer or Huntsman.


Farmer - The farming class is one that has always struggled to make a good income from settlers as too many people use their mounts to source food for the every day and by doing this forego an entire class. However, we are implementing a new specialisation to the Farmer who may now make and sell farm produce, i.e. jam and cooked rice (taking it from the Baker). This allows for another avenue of revenue for the farmer, and some sweet treats for you survivors.


Settlement Food Packages - It will now be mandatory for every settlement to get their food from a Farmer or Huntsman or both. This will be a small payment per person, per week, to ensure that realistically you can feed your people if you do not have anyone of that profession within your outpost. This will only be a small fee, but every little help, especially those professions that struggle to make ends meet.

Building Merchant - There has been a few suggestions about this class, and we are looking at the best way to implement these, but currently I would like to take the time to let you know that The General Store can provided building materials if a Building Merchant isn't available. Even if this is just to set up a small homestead, in which you can expand in the future.


Lastly, and this is the good news...!


The economy has become a little stagnant and as such The General Store did a drive to bring more sterling into Therinsdore. However, we were made aware that for some classes selling in bulk in such a way would never provide the same yield as other professions. So…


When a survivor registers their profession with The Greer Archives (level 30), the Archivists will provide each player with a 50 Sterling Business Start-Up Loan. This money is separate from your starter money, which is also 50 Sterling, and is to help with the costs of starting your business from scratch.


This is sponsored by The General Store, who wish for all of you to succeed in order to keep their shelves stocked, and the Merchant Ship coming back to our land. Please note, this money will be back-dated to all who are already registered, but have yet to receive their loan. However, you only get it once, even if you change classes.


We thank all of you amazing Goobs for becoming a part of Stormont, and for making us stronger each and every day. We work so hard for you guys, our family here.

If you have any suggestions about any of the changes we are making, or about anything else, please feel free to approach one of us in the #discussions channel on Discord, or if you prefer you can request staff to message you privately in the #request-staff channel.


- Love, Your Stormont Staff Team :)

As you may have heard, Survive Stormont has lost some of its Staff members in recent weeks, meaning those who are left have a lot on their plates.

To aid in this, Nilo Grave was given the task to lead a research expedition for the Iguanodon yesterday evening. 

We believe Nilo preformed amazingly well, and brought some excellent elements of roleplay to the expedition. As such, we have invited him to join The Great Library as a trainee Research Archivist. 

This means that he is now a new port of call to players for anything research related. He will be leading further expeditions, under our guidance, and will be able to mark notes handed into the library. 

Let us all congratulate Nilo on this promotion.

- Stormont Staff

Greetings Survivors,

We have urgent news from The General Store!

It seems that the merchant ship this last week came into a pouch full of sterling and decided to empty our shelves (bloody dwarves) to refill their hull and sell to lands far and beyond.

This has left The General Store without stock, and in desperate need to trade with the professions of the land (yes, I'm talking to you), so that the store has wares available for one and all.

So, we would like to invite any and all men, women, and confused individuals (cough... Mormont ...cough) to the store this Tuesday and Thursday to conduct business. Bring all the goods you can carry (we accept no responsibility for anything lost on your travels). Anything valuable that we can stock up our barrels with (please help). We will take anything and everything you can craft, cook, or collect, from honey to hatchets! We'll buy it all (maybe not that, disgusting...).

The store clerks will buy up to 100 sterlings worth of goods from each trader (per person) for the entirety of this week. But don't forget, we only buy at 70% of your retail value.

We hope to see you there (9/10pm GMT, Tues/Thurs)!

- The General Store

Yesterday a ship arrived at Eilean Aerin.
At first we were worried that something evil had followed us to these shores from Andorra.
But that is not the case. It appears to be a merchant ship, with a want to trade goods with the island.
This vessel may save us all.
Praise the Gods.
- Wanda

The General Store is Open!

Opening Times:

Tuesday - Evenings (GMT)

Thursday - Evenings (GMT)

> Will be confirmed each week in Discord <

The General Store will sell everything and anything needed by the men and women of the land - from raw resources to crafted goods. It is the aim of this store to be able to fill the gaps that are present within the current economic climate of Eilean Aerin, and provide exotic goods that cannot be found anywhere else on this new land.

It is our aim to buy from tradesman first and foremost, so that the economy can flourish. But where there is no trade, we shall buy from the travelling merchant ship that comes to the island once a week.

The Merchant Ship arrives on Saturdays! 

On this day, you can buy directly from the crew in their small shop that has been set up on the northern side of the bay. They will also be looking to buy goods from yourselves aswell. Their stock shall change each week, and their prices will flunctuate because of this.

So be sure to come and visit them, as not to miss out on any deals!

Lastly, you can now Rent Ships from EAS Shipyard (run by The General Store)!

These ships are expensive to rent, but are of strong quality and have no travelling restrictions on them. They are an investment for a settlement, and should be treated as such.

We have three different ships available:

EAS Rannsachair - This is a small ship, that can transport 6-8 people but 0 tames and has 101 storage slots onbaord. The Rannsachair is a low laying vessel, perfect for travelling inland on rivers, but can be dangerous when taken out into the open ocean.

This ship costs $30 per week to rent, roughly $4 pp. 

EAS Sona - This is a small ship, that can transport 3-6 people and 1-3 tames and has 140 storage slots onboard. The Sona is a sloop by nature that has been adjusted to allow transport of both human and beast alike across the vast ocean.


This ship costs $50 per week to rent, roughly $10 pp.

EAS Lorg - This is a medium vessel, that can transport 4-6 people and 4-6 tames and has 240 storage slots onboard. The Lorg is a strong, sturdy ship, built to withstand the oceans and rivers of the land whilst transporting a large quantity of human and beast alike.

This ship costs $70 per week to rent, roughly $14 pp.

To accomodate the newly built ships and docking areas in the bay of Eilean Aerin, The General Store staff kindly ask that no rafts are to be left in the bay area! This is to allow the new ships the ability to turn within our waters, and for worry that the bigger vessels will crush the weak rafts under their strong hulls.

Thank You.

We are looking forward to your visit!

- The General Store of Eilean Aerin

Hey Guys

As most of you are aware, I have stepped down from full time Survive Stormont staff in order to focus on my development project, Ember

After some recent developments, Ember has merged with the former BNN team (British Nerd Network) to create Embers official content creating community, Forge

This is a pretty exciting move forward, and I am happy to have the former BNN staff now onboard as Embers own, helping us pave the way for the future.

if you're already part of Embers discord, an announcement has been sent out already! please follow the instructions!

if you're new to Stormont and Ember

Survive Stormont is owned and run by Ember, you can sign up and check it out here

Ember is a Gaming/Nerd culture social network in development

you can join the official Ember community, Forge discord here

I hope the Stormont staff team are treating you well, if not, kick their butts ;)

Cheers guys!

Hello everyone, I hope all of your days are doing well and you are all having a wonderful time with loved ones on this holiday. I have had the privilage to come back as one of your staff members to help monitor and assist when needed by anyone so hello and I'M BACK!

As you know the new year is coming along fast, and with the changes being made to staff we are all working quickly to better the server so we can have a smooth fourth year for our beloved Stormont server. With that said, a few things need to be addressed before we can continue our work to bring you a better server!

As you know we play on a roleplay server where the people of Adaesu work together by buying from each other, working with each other, and many other things with people of different classes who specialize in hunting, crafting, and breeding. All of your staff are working very hard to make sure that this class system is done correctly and works 100 % to everyone's benefit this time around. With that being said...

One of our staff members recently did a quick inventory check to see the position of our players in our current stage, and what was found was not appropriate to the standards that we keep. This being so, your staff will now be taking inventory of the belongings everyone has. It is unfortunate it has come to this, but with the abuse that has been seen of the class system in this age as well as the others it has been decided that until further notice there will be random inventory checks of players, chests, and other storage items until further notice.

Understand that no one should be workin in their class systems until the requirements are met as well as becoming registered with your class through your local archivists.

We understand some people wish to get a head start, but that is not what this server is about.
There will be a chest located on the shore of Eilean Aerin where everyone anonymously can put all contraband inside to be taken away so that we can begin working on our assigned classes and start trading and buying from one another. These chests will remain until Monday 31st December, 2018.After this date a search by staff will be conducted again. If we find anything not suitable for your class and/or position during this time of the age, you will receive your first write up. We do go on a three strike policy so no need to feel overwhlemed as I'm sure everyone wishes to improve the server and its roleplay goals as much as we do, and we acknowledge that accidents happen.

If you are concerned or have any questions please feel free to reach out to us in the ask an admin discord channel. As much as we do appreciate the private messages, we prefer that our inboxes be used for more private situations and as this is not for certain individuals but for everyone in the Stormont community, we'd like to keep the questions and answers as public as we can so that we can discuss and get everyone's opinions on the subject.

You all mean so much to the team and to our community and we appreciate and thank you for all that you do! We hope to continue pushing the server into the right direction and with the help of all of you we can make it possible.

- Immune
On behalf of the Survive Stormont Staff team

look how we looked when we started out!

Hey Guys,

From December 27th, 2015 I have ran Survive Stormont striving to be the best presented and most professionally ran strict roleplay server on the ark platform for Xbox

I've had some great laughs, made some amazing friends and had alot of fun in the process

I have no doubt we will always be better than every other "roleplay" server thrown together with a crap site, facebook group and riddled with meta.

It often feels like a thankless job, and the inherit problems presenting yourself as professional as we do means people consistantly have high expectations, a double edged sword.

I am therefore announcing I am stepping down as the leader, beginning January 2019, right after our third birthday

I am, exhausted. The more toxic members of the community have truly worn me down, and my focus right now is on the development of Ember.

In my place i will be putting Maddox VeynerEdward Mercer as co leaders of Survive Stormont starting January, the rest of the Staff team will likely remain the same...they may advertise for more staff even!

I believe their focus and strive for quality roleplay will keep the community keen, whilst allowing me to focus myself on Ember.

Perhaps if Atlas shows promise, i may return at the helm, but after playing with the game, it doesn't seem so.

I will of course, still be around dipping my toes in, roleplaying with you all some. I'd love nothing more than to just be a normal player.

Thankyou for the last 3 years of awesomeness, it's been fun!


[Human] Maddox Vayner - Vayners Huntsmen a I am honored and Edward and I have been left with a foundation that has been worked upon and perfected for 3 years and 3...


Rest a while friend. Eat your fill and catch your breath, you have been running quite a while now, a few months at least by my count, and for the moment at least, you are safe.

Whether guided here by your gods, or fled here out of sheer desperation, you have reached Eilan Aerin, or the Island of Hope. Uhtred's influence has not yet tarnished these lands, and no matter how heavy your heart holds, you cannot return to where you once called home.

This is an Isle of refugees, the shelters made from the remnants of the vessels that failed to make it and washed ashore. Only one ship, the KS Logan, managed to survive the perilous journey. Many races can be found here, putting aside the normal grievances and rivalries out of pure desperation and the need to survive. Whether you are a hunter, craftsman or beastmaster, all trades are useful when beginning from nothing, and will not only benefit the other refugees, but can open up paths for bartering for the goods you do need.

The area is seemingly mostly wild, we do not know what inhabits the mainland, whilst we cannot govern your behaviour or actions in these virgin lands. Though we will request that you remain civil when on Eilean Aerin. There are many wounded and exhausted here who need to recover from the harsh journey.



Starting out 

- Create your character matching the guidelines of the race you have selected in the shard store

- Spawn in Eothaine (South Zone 3) (See Map)

- Make your way over to Eilean Aerin

- As soon as you step foot on Eilean Aerin, you are in character

You were on one of the ships coming from Andorra, during the storm your ship listed and capsized

You are completely unaware if there are any survivors other than yourself left

You have been at sea for roughly 2 months, you are exhausted and injured

You know absolutely nothing of Therinsdore, including it's name.


- Make sure you have purchased your starter pack, race and relgion (if you decide to be relgious) from the shard store, we do not want to have to break character because you have not yet done this after arriving on Eilean Aerin.

- Players new to Survive Stormont, you are also natives on Andorra, you may choose an area to have come from, it may be easier for your back story to not be associated with any of the Settlements already in Andorra

If you wish to come from a settlement in Andorra you will need to seek permission from the players who managed those settlements and get to know a little about them.

You have automatic approval if you decide to choose North Haven.

The server will be opening at roughly 8PM (GMT) unless there are any serious issues, Please make sure you have your mics on and available

once arriving at Eilean Aerin and you can visibly see people, enter the Eilean Aerin channel on the Discord

Hey guys,

Unfortunate urgent update:

The last 14 hours of work we have just done on the server got wiped by wildcards Christmas event update

Meaning we will need to push the server launch back till Saturday 22nd 8pm (GMT) at the earliest.

we will update you should anything else go wrong.

Cheers Guys.

Hey guys,

If you have already thought of a name for your third age character, please update your name to match, Here's how below:

Click on your name in the top right (on mobile there will be a navbutton before your name is displayed) and click Account settings

Change your display name, this will then update on site, Please use the following format "Character name - Town Name" if you don't have a planned tribe name yet, use Eilean Aerin for now and update it later when you join a new town.

If this doesn't update, please contact me and let me know!

Cheers! - M

[Dwarf] Shea White - Eilean Aerin a Should I have my location as North Haven or Skyhold where my tribe will be based?

Hey Guys

We are looking for extra alpha testers for Ember!

What is Ember?

Ember is a Social Media Network in development designed specifically for Gamers. Ember will integrate several Gaming related services to bring one amazing unified profile for Gamers everywhere, regardless of what Platform they play on. Embers main focus will be communities, we want Gaming Communities to take advantage of the services Ember will offer.

Whether you’re a Streamer who needs a place to engage your audience, a Community host who wants somewhere immersive to create their vision, a dedicated Gamer who wants somewhere to engage with others, or a Cosplayer who wants to showcase their art. Integrate, with Ember.

We are currently in early Alpha development. This Alpha is open for anyone to join, the more people we have testing our service, the better.


Why not join and give me a follow? ;) here

We are a long way from being complete, completion target for PC Android and IOS is June 2019

Hope to see you there!


 Hey Guys

I hope you are ready for launch on the 22nd, the server will open at 8pm GMT, instructions on what each player needs to do in order to follow the narrative will be posted soon

below are a few teasers! enjoy!

See you soon guys!

Hey Guys,

I bring some unfortunate news...

The snow biome, known in Therinsdore as Fionn & Nevia, will not be accessible for the time being.

If you enter the biome, you will crash/disconnect, admins WILL NOT be able to recover your body.

This is not something we currently have control over, it seems to be a wildcard issue, hopefully they will fix it in the near future.

This isn't a rule stating you cannot go there, but if you do you risk loosing everything and unable to get out without a new character.

Hope it gets fixed soon


[Sylvan] Cartoc [Sylvan] Ahhhhhhh!!!! The best part of the island isnt accessible!
[Dwarf] Grufyd Rocksmith - the church Death blizzard u say *notes down stay away from snow*