Size: Medium

Diet: Carnivore

Temperament: Aggressive

Location: Fionn

Beastmaster Specialty tame: Yes

A cold chill blows down my spine
This is my research paper on the large pig like creature that i am going to call a dire boar. As far as i am aware i am the only person who has attempted to research these creatures; I have been living in the snow lands by the mountain for a few months now. During that time i have been collecting notes and researching this creature to see if they are possible to tame. The Puppeteer shivers as wolves are heard howling in the night

The creature seems to live/hunt in packs The Puppeteer mutters "Why would anyone want to work with others" which allows them to hunt effectively. They are very sturdy creatures that can take a good beating before being defeated. This comes in very handy as they live in sub-zero conditions and have to hunt large creatures like ankys, Mammoths and woolly rhinos. You would think that these would be worthy opponents, but after watching them, they seem to release a pheromone that smells like s*** The Puppeteer mutters "Smells like Hunter more like" but somehow makes all carnivores around it become enraged and i could swear that they somehow become tougher to kill. This is why i believe that they would be useful for helping me tame creatures in these lands to do our bidding and follow every command. I have reason to believe that while taming creatures, the Dire Boar will be able to release the pheromone to keep the creature alive longer if anything attacks during the process.

I managed to kill quite a few of them with Reaper (my rhino) and was able to look at their insides and other body features. They have two large canine teeth that would be perfect for capturing prey and stopping them from being able to run away. They have one thin layer of hair that runs down their spine in order to help keep warm during the strong snow storms. They tend to be of white/pale colour in order to blend in with the snow to hide from both predator and prey. They have four strong legs with trotters on the end to help them walk through the snow and have small grooves on the underneath to help grip on to ice. They have very large muscles all over their body which is what make them very sturdy and strong creatures. After looking at their organs they have a good sized heart to help keep their warm blood flowing around the body. They have a large stomach capable of holding large amounts of food....maybe releasing the pheromone makes them hungry.....but they need to eat a lot of food in order to keep warm and keep them fat. Reading this, The Puppeteer thinks about his next meal......hunter I have drawn some pictures of the Dire Boar and will be attached to this note below.