Name: Dimorphodon
Size: Small
Diet: Carnivore
Temperament: Passive (unless provoked)
Location: South Eothaine
Beastmaster Present: Nilo Grave
Research Expedition: Yes

Even more sweat appears to be on this page, with small drops of blood noted as well

These little buggers are a major pain in the ass!! With how small they are, one would think they would be easily over powered, but no! Just when I thought the first creature was good and knocked out, it woke up and attacked us while we were still trying to knock out the other one! For how small these little guys are, they sure pack a punch! They managed to ruin my Chitin armor! Granted, it had seen better days due to one too many raptor attacks, but for a small creature like that to completely ruin it? CRAZY!

We finally managed to subdue both creatures again, and rather than risk one of them waking up on us decided it would be best to just be rid of it.

This second creature is a male, as confirmed by Nilo. It has the same feathery wings and back as the female did, but this one’s coloring is blacker and grayer. It’s wing and back feathers are blacker/darker gray while its scaly skin is a lighter gray. Once again, it has that MASSIVE head that just astounds me. How in the world can such a tiny creature have such a large melon??? It doesn’t appear there is much room in there for a brain, though, so it may not be the smartest critter on the island…

I think I finally understand why they choose to fly much more often than walk on land. They are so hard to hit in the air due to there small bodies! If you were to obtain a pack of 2 or 3 of these little buggers you would have very capable guards! I wonder just how well a larger pack (flock?) would do against a larger carnivore, or even a raptor? With how easily they managed to tear through my armor, and almost destroy Nilo’s, they must be a force to be reckoned with! I do believe the next time we try and research these, or even once we start taming them, it would be best to try and isolate one of them from the others before trying to knock them out. Trying to take on too many of them at one time may give you a serious wound or two… or worse…

We decided to put this little guy out of his misery as well, it appeared the horses did far more damage to it than we had planned (may have gotten a little carried away, emotionally speaking...). I believe these creatures would be VERY beneficial to the rest of the survivors. With a pack/flock of these little flyers, I believe they would be able to take down a fair number of the dangerous creatures on this hell hole of an island. They may even prove useful against the natives, seeing how well they are able to tear through armor!