Name: Dimorphodon
Size: Small
Diet: Carnivore
Temperament: Passive (unless provoked)
Location: South Eothaine
Beastmaster Present: Nilo Grave
Research Expedition: Yes

Sweat stains can be seen throughout the page

What luck! We have found one of the flying lizards! This small creature was spotted flying around the river lands near Leona. We observed the creature’s flying pattern for awhile (mostly due to the fact we kept missing with our bolas…). It doesn’t appear to have a particular flying pattern, but it does not land very often. This may be a defensive measure, as perhaps this creature is a much more capable fighter in the air than on the ground.

We finally managed to bola the creature! Nilo began kicking the creature with his horse with the hopes that it w~~ The writing at this point appears to have stopped. There is a slight scribble right after the “w” as if he was about to write something else when he was suddenly interrupted.

Well that was certainly… interesting. Right as Nilo was knocking out the Dimorphodon another one came out of no where and started attacking him! Perhaps these creatures are pack animals and protect one another? While Nilo wrestles with the other one, I will quickly finish my notes on this one so I can start on the next.
This creature appears to have feathers on its wings and back, although very reptilian like everywhere else. Interesting. The coloring on this… I am just receiving confirmation from Nilo that this is indeed a female… appears to be on the lighter side. Its wings are a lighter green, almost white color, while the rest of it is a darker green.
It has a MASSIVE head. For how little its body is, I am surprised it can hold it’s head up at all! It has long, sharp teeth on the top and bottom of its mouth. It must be a carnivore as I see little use in eating any sort of vegetation with teeth such as those.
I noticed it has some, finger-like appendages on its wings. Perhaps these help it to maintain its balance while walking on the ground? We only briefly got a look at the creature before knocking it out and it did appear to fold its wings in and have those “fingers” on the ground, but we did not get the chance to observe it walking on the ground.
This creature appears to be very much knocked out, we shall leave it alone for now and ret~~ oh no, not again…