Southern Eothaine

Beastmaster present? No

Research Expedition? Yes

So I guess it's time to finish writing about the second specimen eh? After further exploration down the river, and through quite a few dangers....we reached a wooded area where we saw this Iguanadon, a light forest green and seeming to be a bit taller then the previous one. This Iguanadon was going through and collecting berries while traversing the trees. The Iguanadon stretched out it's two arms and stood on it's hind legs while slowly picking the berries from the bushes.

While it was a tedious process for us the Iguanadon seemed to do it with ease, it picked through about 10 bushes before I finished my first. We carefully examined the muscles in its hind legs and forearms as it was moving between 4 legged run and 2 legged run. Now again we wanted to get closer so we used our horses and knocked this creature out, come to find out this Iguanadon was Male! interesting. So far what we have seen is the female Iguanadon has darker colors while the Male has slightly lighter, this could be used to help protect the female from predators maybe? Anyways we noticed that there was something stuck in its beak-like mouth.

Because this was such a brilliant Idea, I slowly moved my hand over and tried to grab what this thing was. Surprisingly my hand wasn't bit, anyways the Iguanadon had just eaten berries yes but, with its mouth it has extracted the seeds from them! This was quite surprising to see and this got me thinking that this creature would be perfect for Farmers as this creature can get seeds from their crops if they need them! Whoo! this was a terrific find as it shows how useful the Iguanadon could be.

Now we did become a little gruesome here as we needed to check it's bone and muscle structure. So I grabbed my spear and ended the poor unconscious creature's life swiftly. After letting the sounds stop, I used my spear to cut the creature open to see its bone structure and muscle. Noticeably, the forearms of this creature, while it had slightly less muscle then its hind legs the forearms still had just as strong of muscles. This was Interesting to see but, it makes sense as this creature runs on both constantly. While I am not a good artist I figured i must try to sketch what i saw. Well after this encounter night has started to fall and we retreated back to camp, I think this was a pretty successful expedition though.