Southern Eothaine

Beastmaster present? No

Research Expedition? Yes

After some time trying to meet with everyone for the research expedition, we finally set off! We had to stop at Leona at night has fallen (plus I was sailing the ship and learned I am not that great at it.) After some drinks and laughs at The Den we rode out past the creek.

After arriving on the little strip of land we started to set up camp, graciously provided by Wanda, and low and behold a Iguanadon was just walzting up to our makeshift camp. We slowly followed it hoping we wouldn't spook the creature, yet thinking back on it now it was much taller than us. Upon further inspection I let the group know that it was a female iguanadon.

After examining her more we noticed that the spines on the tail seemed to be used for balance as when she leaned the tail went the opposite direction. Very peculiar to see that she also ad what seemed to be five claw like fingers with one of them being nothing but claw.

Suddenly, the small sized Dilo run up to it and attacked. Now the Iguanadon seems to be a very passive animal...until it is attacked on which point it went on to her two back legs and started swiping at the Dilo with her claws. The force that she was hitting the Dilo with was enough to send it flying backwards. Concluding that the Iguanadon while passive, can defend themselves extremely well. Now after leaving this creature to her habitat we sent off to find another.