title: tales of the ovis
name: ovis
size: medium
diet: herbivore
temperament: passive
location: fionn, nevia and northern strenraer

Over my many years as a dwarf a surprising amount of them have been spent on surface allowing me too learn about many cultures and creatures one such creature is the ovis. When i first encountered an ovis i thought it might be a formidable foe due too the large horns but i soon learnt that they are a naturally gentle creature and taste quite nice. With my recent change in profession to farmer i heard some mentioned ovis and i remembered an extra cold winter where i used the wool from some ovis too make blankets and basic clothes for me and my brother, with this in mind i have been reading over some of my old books too work out what i would need too have a small flock of my own ovis fortunately everything i will need too take care of them i can grow on my farm like berries and basic crops but i may have too treat them once and a while too some of grandmas sweet vegetable cake as that always seemed too be there favourite.

I hope this shows i know enough about ovis too be entrusted with there care

Adonis Snow