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Day 3:

Well today was quite… eventful… and not so much in the good way… The day started off normally, went further up the river to find another Iguanodon, found one, did some research. The rest of the story, I feel, is not an appropriate addition to this research note, as much of it did not involve any sort of research at all but fighting for our survival. I am sure at some point one of the expedition members, myself included, will recount the tale. For now, though, I wish to rest as it was an exhausting endeavor.

We found a second Iguanodon further up the river, near where Mormont used to live. This one appears to be a lighter green color with some darker stripes going down it’s spine. We immediately subdued this one in order to get a better look since we had just recently looked at the bigger picture on the first Iguanodon. Nilo observed this Iguana to be a male, perhaps there may be some differences between the two genders?

Upon further inspection, this medium sized Iguana had a similar beak like mouth with broad teeth in the back. We tried several other types of food as well (meat, fish, poultry, seeds), but the creature would only eat berries. We unfortunately did not have any crops with us, perhaps this will need to be something tested with the next research. We decided to test which kind of berries this creature prefers and noted it seems to eat the yellow Amarberries before any of the others. This seems to be different than every other creature we have tamed as most of them prefer the purple Mejoberries. The hind legs of this male appeared to be similar in structure to the female, with large muscles on the upper thighs and smaller lower legs. The front legs appeared the same way, much smaller than the rear. This male appeared to have more “spines” on its neck than the female. This may be a differing sign of the genders or perhaps we just overlooked these on the female specimen. Further research may need to be done for this. Made a group decision to kill the creature in order to see if any kind of “trophy” would be obtainable. This is not the case. The Iguana does provide meat and hide upon harvesting of the dead animal.
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