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Day 1:
We have begun our first research expedition! We set sail from Silver Grove towards Leona with two ships. There are seven of us present, although I’m sure only three of us plus the Archivist, Wanda, are the only ones interested in finding and researching the animal known as “Iguanodon”. The trip to Leona took up most of the day so we are camping here for the night, drinks and stories at The Den!

Day 2:
The first official day of research was a great success! Below I have pasted the field notes I took, didn’t want to bring my nice journal with me in case things got messy!

Today we saw our first Iguanodon, and not too long after setting up camp! This medium sized creature was just up the river from Leona. We kept a distance at first and just made general observations of the creature. We first noticed the dark blue color of its skin and small, orange spots located on its side. We got up the courage to move closer to the creature and with luck it did not attack on sight! Closer inspection of the creature revealed spike like “thumbs” on its front legs. The front legs of this creature also appeared to be very humanoid in shape with finger like projections coming down from its “hands”.

Examination of the sizes of both front and hind legs showed the rear legs being significantly larger than the front. The expedition leader, Nilo Grave, decided he would try and use a bola on the creature to see if this was effective, and it was! Upon being tangled up in the rocks and twine, the creature stood up on its hind legs! It can stand on two legs! I tried to get a closer look at, but the Iguanodon lunged its “thumbs” towards me. The tip of the sharp spike just barely punctured the chest piece of my chitin armor as I jumped backwards. We used some of the horses to knock the creature unconscious to get a more detailed look at the creature.

Looking at the head, it appears to have a beak like mouth with several broad teeth in the back. We believed this would mean it was an herbivore and Nilo was able to feed the creature some berries to help prove this theory true. Nilo used his skill as a stablemaster to determine this creature was a female Iguanodon. Examination of the feet showed three toes with a long foot. We believe this is to help with balance while standing on its hind legs. The tail of this creature is very long which we also believe to be used for balance. We decided to leave this creature alone and let it wake up on its own. We are heading further up the river to try and find another specimen.

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