Welcome to the Andorra Election - Final

This is the second and final round of the election of the Kiánard of North Haven

Baldur Grimm and Raen Azar will go head to head in this election, the winner will become Kiánard of North Haven, Figurehead of the Garda Alliance

Please read the election opening statements below

Raen Azar Rule

My dear friends.

First and foremost i thank you all for the nomination.
I feel both humbled and overwhelmed.
I never expected to ever be considered for Kianard

I believe that in order for our society to grow strong,
good relations and dialogue is key.

Therefore I want to Continue to reinforce the strong and wide ranging ties that binds our settlements.

I believe that, as long as we stand together as one against any and all, that would see our world undone we shall emerge victorious

for us as a whole to be able to continue our way of life, we need to ready ourselves to fight for those who can not do so themselves.
Defend the weak and protect the strong

through friendship and knowledge, alliance and trade
I truly believe that we can and will make the lands of Andorra a safe and beautiful place to live

Raen Azar
As the phoenix rises, the fire still burns.

Baldur Grimm Rule

Greetings people

Firstly thank you to those who nominated me to become kianard and those who voted for me in the primaries, i thought i would change my statement to outline more of how i would rule for you all:

I will rule with the iron fist i am known for as only the strong survive in andora and the weak die. If in power i will make it so the call to arms is only in place in the darkest times i will not call the army to fight in other peoples wars.

I will also make it legal to capture/ shoot any people on your land unannounced or invited!!
those caught pillaging others marked lands will be captured and either fined for the resources taken or put to execution.

I will work the people of north haven and other settlements hard to make sure the roads spoke of before will completed as soon as possible hopefully within the first few weeks i am in power, this will help settlements trade more as it is desperatly needed.

I will also enforce a harsh law to keep people only trading in what they are skilled in making i do not want to see people making good illegally in andorra, those who do will be brought to me and the librarians to face judgment and questioned on how they gained the knowledge to make these items.

I will also like to lead people in researching more of the creatures in andorra to see if any of them can be put to work to help people of certain trades or skills to maximise the work that can be done, if this happens i may talk to the librarian to see if licences for certain creatures would be needed to ensure only skilled workers use them for their craft.

This will be a harsh rule but that is how the people of andorra will become stronger and able to rule over all creatures off the land without worry and i hope this lets you know better on how i would rule as kianard

Baldur Grimm

This poll will last for 24 hours from now, The winner to be elected Kiánard of North Haven.