Your First Day in Andorra

Rest a while friend. Eat your fill and catch your breath, you have been running quite a while now, a few months at least by my count, and for the moment at least, you are safe. Whether guided here by your gods, or fled here out of sheer desperation, you have reached Eilan Aerin, or the Island of Hope. Uhtred's influence has not yet tarnished these lands, and no matter how heavy your heart holds, you cannot return to where you once called home. This is an Isle of refugees, the shelters made from the remnants of the vessels that failed to make it and washed ashore. Only one ship, the KS Logan, managed to survive the perilous journey. Many races can be found here, putting aside the normal grievances and rivalries out of pure desperation and the need to survive. Whether you are a hunter, craftsman or beastmaster, all trades are useful when beginning from nothing, and will not only benefit the other refugees, but can open up paths for bartering for the goods you do need. The area is seemingly mostly wild, we do not know what inhabits the mainland, whilst we cannot govern your behaviour or actions in these virgin lands. Though we will request that you remain civil when on Eilean Aerin. There are many wounded and exhausted here who need to recover from the harsh journey.

Safe travels, Bertsson.

On Joining Survive Stormont

Thank you for choosing Survive Stormont for your Ark server! Please follow these instructions to help get you into the game smoothly and efficiently.

  • Please head to the Shard Store on the website select get your race and starter pack ready for when you start.
  • Organise a good time to log into the server so the appropriate people can be there to greet you.
  • Spawn in Eothaine (South Zone 3) after creating your character [Make sure you pick the appropriate look for your race!
  • Make your way toward Eilean Aerin, or wait at the coast, there is a camp setup where regular ferrys cross [your immediate actions will be agreed upon before you log in to ease your transition into the game]
  • Do your thing! From here on the world of Adaesu and the Lands of Therinsdore are yours to explore! Please be mindful of the rules, and try to stay IC as much as possible. We understand that sometimes you may need to ask out of character (OOC) questions, that is perfectly fine, but perhaps see if there is a way you can form your question in character or if there is someone on the discord that could answer you if it is not immediately pressing. There are many resources on the forum and we are always happy to answer questions on Discord; from race guides to class ideas and background discussion.

Finding a Home

  • Once you have begun your journey, collected your starter. It may be a good time to consider where you want to live, there are many places to choose from! enjoy
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