Your First Day in Andorra

If you are reading this note, it means you have chosen to come to the land of Andorra. Whatever your motives, be them adventure, profit, or the heat of battle, there are a few things you should... Andorra is not for the faint of heart, many have stood where you are now, and far less have lived to tell the tale. The land can be harsh, in some cases unforgiving. Both man and beast are locked in a constant struggle for survival. The environment is also a factor. Will you freeze to death in the coldest of blizzards? Or will you dry out under the scorching sun searching for that last drink of water... Fortunately all is not lost, for there are a few things that will guarantee your survival, if only for a short while. You will have awoken along the shores of the Eastern Highlands of Albion. From there, you will head south and take the Aserah Road to the town of North Haven. The Kianard will be expecting newcomers. It is here that you will be informed of the land and the various settlements that are scattered across the inhospitable terrain as well as collect your basic gear. Which of these settlements you choose to apply for, or whether you set out to forge your own territory is your decision. Each of the established settlements will have their own rules and requirements you will need to adhere to in order to become a citizen within their walls. When you have decided where you live, put your craft to use. Be it by filling your shelves with your produce, or striking out as a business operating from your own store within North Haven. The demands for skilled workers or tradesmen are high no matter where you go across the land. It is not uncommon to see trade caravans crossing the plains to their next sale. Collaboration is the key to survival, not even the bandits survive alone for long. Your skills may compliment others in your settlement, truly allowing the populace to survive. There are various beasts of the land that are able to be brought to heel, though most of the beasts will require careful study and collaboration between scholars to understand how to tame them. Our knowledge on the taming of the animals of the land is limited, but improving. There are Scholars who archive any knowledge on the new beasts, if that line of work takes your fancy.

Safe travels, Björn

On Joining Survive Stormont

Thank you for choosing Survive Stormont for your Ark server! Please follow these instructions to help get you into the game smoothly and efficiently.

  • Please head to the Shard Store on the website select get your race and starter pack ready for when you start.
  • Organise a good time to log into the server so the appropriate people can be there to greet you.
  • Spawn in Highlands East after creating your character [Make sure you pick the appropriate look for your race!
  • Follow the path towards the town, or wait at the bay to be able to speak to the appropriate person and get you started with your starter packs and gear [your immediate actions will be agreed upon before you log in to ease your transition into the game]
  • Do your thing! From here on the world of Adaesu and the Lands of Andorra are yours to explore! Please be mindful of the rules, and try to stay IC as much as possible. We understand that sometimes you may need to ask out of character (OOC) questions, that is perfectly fine, but perhaps see if there is a way you can form your question in character or if there is someone on the discord that could answer you if it is not immediately pressing. There are many resources on the forum and we are always happy to answer questions on Discord; from race guides to class ideas and background discussion.

Finding a Home

  • Once you have begun your journey, collected your starter. It may be a good time to consider where you want to live, Currently there are 4 major Settlements you can apply directly to join, each have their own policys on recruiting and you may find some harder to join than others. The following settlements are: North Haven, Daldinia, Eilean Gealach & Vinterheim.
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