Welcome to the SurviveStormont Community

We are an Ark: Survival Evolved server based on the Xbox One located within Europe, however, all regions are welcome! We are dedicated to organizing a community of fellow roleplayers who wish to contribute as actively as they can to the overall feeling of immersion in the story we have created. We strive for an open, pleasant, and fun atmosphere within the server and we welcome players from all experience levels who will add to this and embrace the tone we already have.

Our server is password protected to help keep out any griefers, trolls, and other non-serious players. To ensure your place on the server, you will need to complete an application. This application is in order for us to get to know you and the character you wish to bring alive! Please be sure you read all of our rules before applying. By submitting an application, you are agreeing that you understand those rules and will abide by them or face the consequences.

Character Expectations

  • Flaws! Be unique! Don't be like everyone else!
  • Understanding of the Laws of the Land.
  • Willingness to work together with the clan you choose to be part of.
  • Those who seek to help others flourish and grow.
  • Those who understand that not everyone is a hero!

Member Expectations

  • Understanding of Server Rules
  • Be mutually friendly, helpful, and good-hearted.
  • Help build and maintain a welcoming community within the server.
  • Engage in social & public roleplay events.
  • Show dedication & be active.
  • Be creative! Use your imagination!

Getting Started

Becoming a member of the server is a painless and simple process. All of our recruitment is done through a two-step process for those who are interested in joining us. The first step is filling out an application as a preliminary screening.

Why an Application? Simple - Organization and quality control. This is our way of getting to know a little about you, your character and to determine whether or not the server is the right one for you. The application is roughly eight questions long, so don't let this turn you away! The idea behind our application is that is should not be stressful nor feel like you're applying for a university.

Once you submit your application, it will need review by our Admins. If your application is approved, you will be sent an approval message to the email you signed up with. You will be welcomed and provided the server password. Once this process has been completed you will need to follow these steps:

Step One: Choose Your Race

SurviveStormont offers a unique, player race and class system that caters to most of our member's needs. With the basic fantasy races & classes, we have also added our own little spin to things. The reason for this system is so that each character our member's bring alive has their own backstory and is not just some "plain Jane". This system is put into place to help drive character story as well as the server's overall history. Races

Step Two: Build Your Story

The key to roleplay is bringing a character to life! So once a member chooses their race & class, they should begin creating a sort of backstory for the character they wish to bring into Adaesu. This backstory does NOT need to be five paragraphs long but give fellow members a sort of summary on the character. What do they look like? Where do they come from? Are they a lone wolf or perhaps they come from a noble house? You decide! It's your story!

Step Three: Join a Kingdom

Adaesu is not just some land mass where everyone lives peacefully and all under the same banner. Good heavens that would be boring! Adaesu is split into several Kingdoms, all with their unique backstory created by the players who built them. New members may choose to settle within in established kingdom's territory by simply contacting the King and/or Queen of that kingdom. Please keep in mind that each kingdom will have their own set of laws and should be followed. If a member finds that a piece of land has not been claimed, they may choose to claim and build their own kingdom. However, before doing so you must get your claim approved by an Admin which can be done HERE

Step Four: Becoming a Citizen & Member

The best way to become part of the community is by introducing yourself as well as your character. New members should share their character's profile in our Meet the Characters thread once their application has been approved. Another way to join the community is by joining our Discord server, this will help with communication both in character and out of character! So come hang out with us!

Step Five: Entering the Server

As stated above, SurviveStormont is password protected and ONLY becomes available once players have registered and their application has been approved. Passwords are given out by the Admins of the server. Please Note: No one else should be giving out the password. These passwords are temporary and are updated monthly to help keep out any griefers, trolls, and other non-serious players.

Step Six: Welcome to Adaesu!

Once all the above steps are completed, members are welcome to begin their adventure in these new lands. Members should head towards NovaStorm, the Capital of Adaesu where they will be given a Welcome Package which will include, yet not limited to, a Level 6 Equus & 200₱ > Adaesu Sterling. Be sure to stay active on the website as well as in game. The website is a valuable tool for all members when it comes to important information, announcements, events & competitions, and server updates. Enjin offers an official app for smartphones for mobile viewing so you can take us on the go!

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